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Indonesian Lesson


nama saya Johnathan my name is johnathan
apa nama anda? what is your name?
saya dari washington. I am from washington
anda dari manda? where are you from?
saya berasal dari washington I come from washington.
saya i
anda you
dia it; she; he
kita us; we
kami us; we (excludes)
mereka they
kalian everyone
tidak apa yang no one
siapa who
pemandu wisata tour guide
dosen teacher
wisata tour
turis tourist
kata benda nouns
orang person
liburan vacation
kuliah class
arti meaning
urusan business affairs
tema theme
topik topic
hal thing
ide idea
maksud point
raja king
ratu queen
prajurit solider
keraton palace
tempat wisata sights
petanda sign
penunjuk landmark; sign post
tentara army
benteng fort
kota pertahanan fortress
kata ganti pronouns
kata kerja verbs
beri to give
terima to receive
jalan to walk
lari to run
kerja to work
istirahat to rest
hidup to live
mati to die
buka to open
tutup to close
menulis to write
membaca to read
bangun to wake up
tidur to sleep
membeli to buy
menjual to sell
minum to drink
haus thirsty
maju progress
sayang affection
saya mau maju i want to move on
menurut obey
pendapat opinion
urutan sequence
dapat to get
pergi to go
datang to come
berangkat to leave
sampai to arrive
duduk to sit
berdiri to stand
suka like
benci to hate
makan to eat
puasa to fast
lihat to see
rindu longing; homesick
lupa forget
ingat to remember
punya to have
tanpa without
merasa feel
memberitahu inform; advise
bertemu to meet
menunjukan to show
tinggal to stay; live; reside
mana where
kenapa why
kapan when
bagaimana how
tidak apa apa no problem
untuk for
kepada to; towards
dari from
dalam inside
dengan with
waktu time
jam keret rubber time
sebelum before
setelah after
satu hari sesudahnya one day after
jam hour
masa depan future; tomorrow
berapa lama? how long
lama long time
selama as long as
masa yang lalu the past
awal start; beginning
akhir end
sekalian all
selalu always
kadang-kadang sometimes
baru new
tidak pernah never
tidak akan will not; never will be
sudah already
lebih more
kurang less
paling most
penting important
hampir almost
seperti such as
perbandingan comparisons
meja table
kursi chair
gelas glass
ruang space
rumah house
sendok spoon
garpu fork
piring plate
surat kabar newspaper
kertas paper
dapur kitchen
kakek grandfather
nenek grandmother
paman uncle
bibi aunt
saudara ipar brother in law
gunung mountain
sungai river
tanah ground
laut sea
timur tengah middle east
medan terrain
Created by: koolaidoh



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