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Art100 Exam One

media materials and tools i.e. oil paints, watercolor, brushes, etc.
balance the distribution of the weight, mass, or other elements of a work of art so as to achieve harmony
actual line the path made by a moving poing; a connected and continuous series of points
texture the surface character of materials as experienced by the sense of touch
elements of art line, shape, value, light, color, texture, space, time, motion, 4th dimension
proportion the relationship of the size of the parts to the whole
scale the relative size of an object compound to other objects, the setting, or people
hierachal scale use of relative size to indicate the relative importance of the objects or people being depicted
shape the area within a composition that have boundries that separate them from what surrounds them
line simplist and most complex of the elements of art; in art defined as: a moving dot
suppression an act or instance of suppressing; the state of being suppressed
modernity work being modern
performance art EX: women in protest p. 21
plastic art occupies 3D space EX: sculpture, architecture
graphic art occupies 2D space EX: painting, drawing
contour lines created by the edges of things
femmage female and imagery peice
Created by: warriorsgal22