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Graves Software/Prot

Graves Computer III Terms

This kind of file can consist of text or graphics or both. It is dependent upon the application program for its creation. Document
Software that allows the parts of a computer or similar device to work together and that lets you operate it. Operating System
Another name for a computer program. Software that can be run on a computer that has a limited purpose or function. Application
A device that connects a computer to an electrical outlet and protects the computer against sudden increases in electrical power. Surge Protector
Information stored as an organized series of bits so it can be recognized by computer software. File
Computer vocabulary for a technically sophisticated user who spends many hours at a computer. Hacker
Computer vocabulary for a person who illegally enters a computer system without permission. Hacker
Software that monitors the system for viruses by looking at irregularities in the system. Anti-virus software
A situation where a computer's hardware or software stops working. Crash
An error (mistake) that causes hardware or software to stop working properly. Bug
Software written to make your computer do things you don't want it to. It is often hidden or disguised. Virus
Printed output or a piece of paper with data on it. Hard Copy
Making the computer restart by resetting is, perhaps by using a certain key combination. Warm Boot
Turning on the computer by using the power button. Cold Boot
Removing data from a file or removing a file from a storage device. Delete
Non-real-time communication using text over the web. E-mail
A file that's sent along with an electronic message. Paper clip icon. Attachment
A hacking technique used to fool a target into providing personal information to a fraudulent website meant to look real. Phishing
Unwanted e-mail that often tries to get the user to spend money. Spam
One kind of virus that replicates itself on computers or networks to slow them down or stop them. Worm
A kind of virus meant to look like something a user would want to open, like a game or movie file, so that it can be active to run its code. Trojan Horse
Created by: EdwardgRM