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Vocabulary Unit 1

Vocabulary Words

Absolute Reference A cell reference that does not change when a formula is copied to a new location
Arrange To organize more than one window on the screen at the same time
AutoSum A function used to find the numeric average of a group of cells
Border A line or box that frames a cell
Button A graphic item that can be clicked to perform a specific task
Cell Reference The column letter and row number of a cell
Count A function that counts the number of cells in the range that contains numbers
Fill Handle A tool that lets you fill multiple cells with the same content by using one cell as an example
Filter A feature that allows you to look at only the data that you need
Footer Text that appears at the bottom of the printed page
Formula Bar The bar that displays the contents for a cell
Freeze To keep headings in place while you scroll through a worksheet
Function A preset formula that allows you to quickly calculate data
Go to A command that allows you to move directly to a particular cell
Header Text that appears at the top of the printed page
Horizontal Alignment The side-to-side placement of the contents of a cell
IF A function that checks to see if a condition is met and then has one result if it is true and another if it is false
Landscape The orientation of a worksheet that is wider than it is tall
MAX A function used to identify the largest value in a group of cells
MIN A function used to identify the smallest value in a group of cells
NOW A function that displays the date and time that a worksheet is opened or used
Page Orientation The direction that a worksheet prints on a page. Orientation can be either landscape or portrait
PMT A function that calculates payments for a loan based on interest rate, number of payments, and the amount of the loan
Portrait The orientation of a worksheet that is taller than it is wide
Range A group of cells
Relative Reference A cell reference that changes when a formula is copied to a new location
Sheet Tab A small flap at the bottom of a worksheet that displays the name of the worksheet and allows you to move from one worksheet to another within the same workbook
Sort To put a list of data in ascending or descending order
Split To divide a window into to panes that you can scroll independently
Style A group of formatting traits that has been given a name
Text Box A moveable, resizable rectangle that contains text
Toolbar The bar that contains buttons that can be clicked to preform common tasks
Created by: lherritz