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Social S. Ch 10

A colonist fought for a cause but a german ___ fought because he was paid mercenary
The iroquois were forced to turn over their land under The second treaty of fort stantwix
The war ended when the Brittish and the Americans signed the treaty of paris
As colonist moved west they needed a ____ to measure property lines surveyor
France decided to help the colonist so they signed The Treaty of Alliance
_______ helped the patriots by spying on the brittish Haym Salmon
Washington suprised the brittish on December 25,1776
Why was washington able to rebuild his army in 1777 because france sent supplies
At _______ the americans were able to defeat the brittish saratoga
Why was the battle of saratoga important because it was the last major battle
A large scale map shows a small area in detail
You would use a small scale map to see a large area
Created by: victoriag