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Trauma Team Vocab

Words from the Trauma Center/Trauma Team video games

A lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide, which leads to internal bleeding and unconsciousness Asphyxiation
A portable device used to regulate heart rhythm in patients who are undergoing cardiac arrest AED/ Automated External Defibrillator
An abnormal blood-filled dilatation of a blood vessel, due to disease of the outer wall Aneurysm
Bracchium Arm
Loss of normal circulation of the blood, due to failure of the heart to contract effectively Cardiac Arrest
Cardia Heart
Cheir Hand
A tubular surgical instrument used to visualize the inside of hollow organs Endoscope
The outer layer of an internal organ of the animal body Epidermis
The device that shows patients heartbeat/ heart rhythm EKG/Electrocardiograph
When the heart (specifically the arteries) convulses and twitches irregularly, resulting in a lack of sync between heartbeat and pulse Fibrillation
When the vitals of a person reach 0 they are _________ Flatlining
The study of both medicine and law as one Forensic Medicine
Another word for bleed/blood/bleeding/etc. Hemorrhage/Hemorrhaging
The procedure to stop external bleeding Hemostasis
A drug used to prevent antiviral disease outbreak Immunoglobulin
Swelling Inflammation
Yellowish eyes also known as ______ Jaundice
Another word for cut/wound/etc. Laceration
A layer of tissue or organ Membrane
Onyx Claw
Ops Eye
An implanted device used to maintain a steady heartbeat Pacemaker
Causative agent (Like a bacteria or virus) of a disease Pathogen
To remove by excision with a scalpel Excise
The procedure most-often used to excise a tumor The Powell-Procedure
When you massage the heart of a patient undergoing cardiac arrest you are trying to _______________ them Resuscitate/Resuscitation
A substance used medically because of it's chemical activity A Reagent
An opening made with a scalpel Incision
The tool used to close an incision Sutures
A drug used to stabilize vitals Stabilizer
Another word for spit/saliva Sputum
Something that is produced by biochemical synthesis Synthetic Ex. Synthetic Membrane
Rapid heart rate Tachycardia
A break in internal skin with loss of tissue Ulcer
An agent that initiates vasoconstriction Vasoconstrictor
Bent out of shape, as in a bone Warped
Created by: abbeydoodles98
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