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Vocab Words-5&6

Transcontinental Railroad A railroad that crosses North America, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.
free enterprise An economic system in which people may start and run buisnesses with little government control.
petroleum Oil.
entreprenuer A person who sets up and runs a buisness.
advertisement A public anoucement that tells people about a product or an opportunity.
tenement A poorly built apartment building.
settlement house A community center that provides food, health care, and classes where people can learn new skills.
labor union A group of workers who join together to improve their working conditions.
strike The stopping in work in protest of poor working conditions.
collective bargaining When employers and workers discuss and agree on working conditions.
assembly line Mass production in which parts of a product are put together as they move past a line of workers.
aviation Air travel.
commission A special committee.
corruption A dishonest way of acting.
capitalism A economic system in which people and buisnesses control the production of goods and services.
monopoly A company that has little or no competition.
conservation The protection of the environment by keeping natural resources from being wasted or destroyed.
yellow journalism Style of newspaper writing in which reporters exaggerate the facts of a story in order to sell newspapers.
armistice An agreement to stop fighting.
isthmus A narrow strip of land that connects to larger landmasses.
progressive A person who believes that the government and citizens can make life better.
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