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BIS 104

related software programs, such as a group of graphics programs, utility programs or office related software, that are sold bundled together Software Suite
a software program that is distributed on the honor system, typically available free of charge by may require a small registration fee Shareware Program
electronic path over which data travels Bus
device made of semiconductor material that controls the flow of electrons inside a chip Transistor
the operating system designed for BlackBerry devices BlackBerry OS
a small quartz crystal located on the motherboard that synchronizes the computer's operations System Clock
print CTRL+P
a program designed to play audio and video files via your computer Media Player
electronic trash or waste E-Trash
the processing technique in which multiple processors or multiple processing cores in a single computer, each work on a different job Multiprocessing
are chips located inside the system unit used to store data and instructions while it is working with them Memory
a name that uniquely identifies a user on a specific computer network Username
the hardware used to store most programs and data on a computer Hard Drive
the main circuit board inside the system unit Mother Board
justify center CTRL+E
bold CTRL+B
a group of values and other data organized into rows and columns Spreadsheet
a technique that uses multiple processors or multiple processing cores simultaneously, usually to process a single job as fast as possible Parallel Processing
to modify data Process
a connector on the exterior of the system unit case that is used to connect external hardware devices Port
high-speed bus standard used to connect devices to a computer Fire Wire
a storage medium in the shape of a thin circular disc, made out of poly-carbonate substrate read from and written to using a laser beam Optical Disc
the main case of a computer System Unit
new document CTRL+N
the use of computers in an environmentally friendly manner Green Computing
the process of entering data into a computer, which can also refer to the data itself Input
an application program designed to teach one or more skill Educational Software
data that has been processed into a meaningful form Information
a memory management technique frequently used by operating systems that uses a portion of the computer's hard drive as additional RAM Virtual Memory
the chip located on the motherboard of a computer that performs the processing for a computer Central Processing Unit
a thing board containing computer chips and other electronic components Circuit Board
the transmission of data from one device to another Communications
the largest and most well-know computer network, linking millions of computers all over the world Internet
The fastest, most expensive and most powerful type of computer Supercomputer
small program used to communicate with a peripheral device, such a a monitor, printer, or a keyboard Device Driver
messages sent from on user to another over the internet or other network E-Mail
used to keep track of the files stored on a computer so they can be retrieved when needed File Management
save CTRL+S
a collection of programs that manage and coordinate the activities taking place within the computer Operating System
presenting someone else's work as your own Plagiarism
The programs that allow you to perform specific tasks on a computer Application Software
a named collection of bytes that represent virtually any type of data File
a collection of related web pages Website
the operation of saving data, programs or output for future use Storage
the means, by which an operating system or other program interacts with the user User Interface
justify full CTRL+J
to surf a web browser to view web pages Surfing the web
the actions taken by programs built into the computer's hardware to start up the operating system Boot Processes
the amount of data that a CPU can manipulate at one time Word
a group of very fast memory circuitry located on or close to the CPU to speed up processing Cache Memory
programs or instructions used to tell the computer what to do to accomplish a given task Software
very small piece of silicon or other semi-conduction material that contains integrated circuits and transistors Computer Chip
help F1
eight bits grouped together Byte
overall standards Ethics
raw, unorganized facts Data
find CTRL+F
the operating system created by Microsoft in 1985 with a graphic used interface Windows
the essential portion, or core, of the operating system Kernel
undo CTRL+Z
the physical parts of a computer Hardware
a permit that specifies the conditions under which a buyer can use the software Software License
a measurement of the number of instructions that a CPU can process per second Clock Speed
copy CTRL+C
an online version of note taking software program Web Notebook
indent CTRL+M
open (folder) CTRL+O
part of a CPU that coordinates its operations Control Unit
very small communication device with a built-in computing or internet capability Mobile device
type of computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time Personal Computer(PC)
programs such as the operating system and utility programs that control computer and its devices, and enable application software to tun on the computer System Software
highlight all CTRL+A
smallest unit of data that a binary computer can recogniae Bit
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