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Rice Comp Ex Ch2

Maplewood Rice Comp Ex Ch 2

function a pre-written formula built into Excel
formula a math calculation keyed in by the user
order of operations the same left-to-right order and hierarchy as in Algebra when solving a formula
asterisk the multiplication mathematical operator
Point mode selecting cells with the mouse while building a formula
Smart tags a cell label that includes certain actions such as dates, symbols, names
Arguments the values used in a function
AVERAGE function Sum of the numbers divided by the total of numbers
MIN function the lowest value in a range
MAX function the highest value in a range
relative cell references row or column references are adjusted when filling down or right
Range a series of two or more adjacent cells
Fill handles small black square in lower-right corner of active cell
Accounting number format a dollar to the left, commas every three positions, two decimal places
Fixed dollar sign the dollar sign is positioned in the far left of the cell
Floating dollar sign the dollar sign appears immediately to the left of the first digit
Comma style format a comma is inserted every three positions, two decimal places
condition made up of two values and relational operator, true or false
conditional formatting format changes when the value in a cell meets defined criteria