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Comp Review: Single

Comp. Review: Single

HerbsActions & Effects
What are the properties of Release the Exterior Herbs? warm, cool, acrid
What are Ma Huang's actions? releases the exterior induces sweating, facilitates Lu Qi (cough, wheezing), promotes urination & reduces edema, warms to expel cold pathogens
What is Gui Zhi? cinnamon
What are Gui Zhi's actions? releases exterior, assists yang, unblocks channels for wind-cold, unblocks Yang Qi in chest, warms the channels, releases muscle layer; used for deficiency & sweating with no improvement in condition
What is Zi Su Ye? perilla leaf
Which 2 herbs may be used together to treat seafood poisoning? Sheng Jiang & Zi Su Ye
What are Zi Su Ye's actions? releases the exterior & expels cold, promotes movement of Qi in the chest, calms fetus for morning sickness, seafood poisoning
What are Jing Jie's properties? slightly warm/neutral
What are Jing Jie's actions? vents rash, releases the exterior, alleviates itching
When charred, what does Jing Jie do? stops bleeding
What "temperature" is Fang Feng? neutral
What are Fang Feng's actions? expels WIND-DAMP, wind-cold or wind-heat, alleviates pain, stops spasms, (relieves itching)
Which relieves wind-itching better, Jing Jie or Fang Feng? Jing Jie
What are Qiang Huo's actions? Releases exterior, guides Qi to upper body taiyang and and GV, for damp bi & joint excess
Compare Qiang Huo with Du Huo. Du Huo guides to (and treats wind damp in) the lower body. Qiang Huo guides to the upper body anf treats Taiyang/occipital headaches.
What does Gao Ben treat? vertex headaches caused by wind-cold-damp
What are Bai Zhi's actions & effects? 1. Expels wind & alleviates pain, 2. expels wind invading the yang brightness/YANGMING channel, 3.OPENS NASAL PASSAGES/SINUS CONGESTION, 4. reduces swelling & expels pus, 5. alleviates DAMP-cold in the lower warmer & controls discharge (vaginal)
What type of headache does Bai Zhi treat? yangming
What "temperature" is Bai Zhi? warm
What are Xi Xin's properties? acrid, warm-hot, toxic to Lv & Kd
What is an appropriate daily dose of Xi Xin? 1.5 g/day
What are Xi Xin's actions? expels cold, relieves pain, warms the Lungs, transforms thin mucous, treats Jueyin HAs, toothache
What type of HA does Xi Xin treat? Jueyin (frontal/orbital/eye)
Name 10 warm, acrid, release-the-exterior herbs. 1. ma huang, 2.gui zhi, 3. zi su ye, 4. jing jie, 5. fang feng, 6. qiang huo, 7. gao ben, 8. bai zhi, 9. xi xin, 10. sheng jiang
Name 10 COOL, acrid release-the exterior herbs. 1. Bo He, 2. Niu Bang Zi, 3. Chan Tui, 4. Sang Ye, 5. Ju Hua, 6. Mang Jing Zi, 7. Dan Dou Chi, 8. Ge Gen, 9. Chai Hu, 10. Sheng Ma
What are Bo He's properties? acrid, aromatic, cool
Which channels does Bo He enter? Lu & Lv
What are Bo He's actions? 1.clears wind-heat with fever, cough, HA, red eyes, sore throat 2. courses constrained Lv Qi, 3.vents measles/rash
What are Niu Bang Zi's 4 main actions? disperses wind-heat, benefits the throat, helps vent rashes, clears internal heat toxins
What are Chan Tui's actions & effects? disperses wind & clears heat
What is Chan Tui? cicada moltings
What are Sang Ye's actions? clears wind-heat from the Lu w/ cough & fever, calms the Lv & clears the eyes, treats Lu dryness with cough, dry mouth, thick-yellow mucus
What channels does Sang Ye enter? Lv & Lu
What is Ju Hua? chrysanthemum
Compare the actions of yellow, white and wild chrysanthemum. yellow - clears heat; white - Lv Yang; wild - carbuncles, antibacterial, swelling
What are the actions of Ju Hua? clears eyes(red, swollen, dry), calms Lv & clears wind-heat
What are the actions of Man Jing Zi? disperse wind and clears heat
Man Jing Zi primarily treats pain in which two areas? head & eyes: HA & eye pain
What is Dan Dou Chi? prepared soybean
What does Dan Dou Chi treat (sx)? IRRITABILITY, restlessness, insomnia, chest after a febrile disorder
What are Dan Dou Chi's actions? Release the exterior for hot or cold
What are Ge Gen's actions? 1.releases the muscles, 2. vents rash & measles, 3. raises Sp yang, 4. acts as an envoy to the Du Mai to treat upper back & neck tightness, 5. stops diarrhea, 6. HTN
What is the action of Ge Gen + Sheng Ma vents measles
What are cool, acrid, release-the-exterior herbs that may be used to raise Sp yang? Ge Gen, Sheng Ma, Chai Hu
What are Chai Hu's actions? clears heat in the muscle layer, spreads Lv Qi, tx Shaoyang disorder (reduces fever), raises Sp yang (hemorrhoids, prolapse, diarrhea)
What are Sheng Ma's actions? raises (Sp) yang, vents measles (w/ ge gen), clears heat & relieves toxicity
List 7 Clear Heat herbs. 1. Shi Gao, 2. Zhi Mu, 3. Zhi Zi, 4.Dan Zhu Ye, 5. Xia Ku Cao, 6. Lu Gen, 7. Jue Ming Zi
What is a common name for Shi Gao? "ice man"
What are Shi Gao's properties? sweet, acrid, very cold
Which channels does Shi Gao enter? Lu & St
What are Shi Gao's actions? clear heat & drain fire (esp Lu heat & blazing St fire)
What are Shi Gao's indications? High fever, 4 "bigs"
Shi Gao is commonly used to balance which warm herb? Ma Huang
What are Zhi Mu's actions? clears the 4-bigs,enriches yin, generates fluids, tx yin def with empty heat (with huang bai)
What are Zhi Zi's actions? clears heat, eliminates irritability, drains damp-heat (Lv & GB -- jaundice), cools blood & stops bleeding, reduces swelling
Zhi Zi may be used topically to treat what conditions? swollen joints, muscles, trauma
What 3 herbs may be combined to treat jaundice? zhi zi, yin chen hao, da huang
What are Dan Zhu Ye's actions & indications? clears heat, eliminates irritability, clears heat in the Ht & St channels to tx UTIs, promotes urination
What are Xia Ku Cao's actions? clears Lv fire, brightens the eyes, dissipates nodules/swollen glands, treats hypertension
What are Lu Gen's actions? clears heat (esp Lu & St), generates fluids (acts like an IV), promotes urination
What are Jue Ming Zi's actions? clears Lv, benefits eyes, moistens intestines
Which herb is now used to prevent arteriosclerosis and to lower blood pressure and serum cholesterol? Jue Ming Zi
List 7 Cool the Blood herbs. 1. Sheng Di Huang, 2. Xuan Shen, 3. Mu Dan Pi, 4. Zi Cao, 5. Di Gu Pi, 6. Bai Wei, 7. Yin Chai Hu
What are Sheng Di Huang's properties? sweet, bitter, cold
Which channels does Sheng Di Huang enter? Ht, Kd, Lv
What are Sheng Di Huang's actions? clear heat, cool blood, nourish yin, generate fluids
What are Xuan Shen's actions? softens hardness, dissipates nodules (esp. neck), clears excess heat & empty heat, tx yin deficient sore throat, moistens dryness
Compare Sheng Di Huang & Xuan Shen. Both clear heat, cool blood, nourish yin. Xuan Shen also drains fire & relieves toxicity, esp for swollen red eyes, sore throat, dissipates (phlegm fire) nodules(in the throat)
What are Mu Dan Pi's actions? clears heat from excess/deficiency, invigorates blood & dispels blood stasis (amenorrhea, painful period) without injuring blood or yin
What are Zi Cao's actions & indications? clears heat & cools blood, vents rashes, topically treats skin lesions, burns, vaginal; moistens intestines & unblocks bowels
What Di Gu Pi's actions? drains fire from yin deficiency, nosebleeds, clears Lu heat (cough), eliminates both excess/deficiency heat, steaming bone disorder with sweating
Which herb is used to treat toothache from Kd Yin deficiency? Di Gu Pi
Di Gu Pi is commonly combined with which herb? Mu Dan Pi
What are Bai Wei's actions? clears heat & cools blood, treats yin deficient fevers, postpartum fevers, (recovery from febrile disorders; promotes urination, relieves toxicity)
What does Yin Chai Hu do? clears heat from deficiency, reduces childhood nutritional impairment due to accumulation of heat
What are the properties of Clear Heat & Dry Dampness herbs? bitter & cold
List 6 herbs that Clear Heat & Dry Dampness. 1. Huang Qin, 2. Huang Lian, 3. Huang Bai, 4. Long Dan Cao, 5. Ku Shen, 6. Hu Huang Lian
What are Huang Qin's actions? 1. clears heat, 2. dries dampness, 3. stops bleeding and quiets fetus, 4. drains UW fire & toxicity (high fever, irritability, thirst), 5. major herb for damp-heat in St & LI (diarrhea)
Which of the 3-yellow herbs is commonly charred to give it the ability to stop bleeding? Huang Qin
In which two channels does Huang Qin dry dampness? St & LI
Which less expensive herb may be substituted for Huang Lian? Hu Huang Lian
Which of the 3-yellows addresses lack of communication between which Ht & Kd? Huang Lian
What are Huang Lian's actions? acts on MW, clears Ht fire, drains St fire, clears heat topically, Kd/Ht not communicating
What are Huang Bai's actions? drains damp-heat from the LW, drains Kd fire (empty heat), treats leucorrhea, foul diarrhea
Which of the 3-yellows most strongly clears Ht fire? Kd fire? Ht fire -- Huang Lian; Kd fire -- Huang Bai
What does Long Dan Cao do? drains damp-heat from the Lv & GB channels, drains excess Lv fire ; tx LW damp-heat/UTIs, similar to 4 yellows, tx jaundice, eyes, ears
What are Ku Shen's actions? clears heat, dries damp, disperse wind, kills parasites, stops itching
What are some of Ku Shen's indications? scabies, lice, skin disorders/sores, dysentery
How is Ku Shen used topically? to treat genital itching & discharge
What are Hu Huang Lian's actions? clears excess & deficiency heat, cools blood, dries damp, drains damp-heat (dysentery, steaming bone)
What type of HA does Qiang Huo treat? occipital/taiyang
Name 2 herbs that guide to the Du Mai. Qiang Huo and Ge Gen
What are Sheng Jiang's actions? 1. releases the exterior & expels cold, 2. warms the middle for vomiting, 3. warms the Lu and stops cough
What do cool, acrid, release-the-exterior herbs treat? Wind-Heat; Sx
What symptoms does Chan Tui treat? loss of voice, superficial visual obstructions, spasms, night terrors, itching due to wind
What sl warm herb may be used with Sheng Ma, Chai Hu, and/or Ge Gen to raise the Sp Yang? Huang Qi
What are the symptopms associated with exterior heat? fever, chills, HA, thirst, moderate sweating, floating, rapid pulse
What are the symptoms associated with interior heat? fever, NO chills, dry mouth, thirst, arritability, dark, scanty urine, yellow TC, constipation/diarrhea, abdominal distention
Herbs that Clear Heat treat what type of heat? interior
Clear Heat herbs have what temperature? cold
What are the symptoms treated by herbs that clear heat? dry throat, red face, dry stools, dark & scanty urine, yellow TC, rapid pulse, 5 palm heat
What are the temperatures, tastes of Herbs that Cool the Blood? cold, bitter or sweet, salty
Herbs that Cool the Blood clear heat at what 2 levels? Blood & Nutritive
What symptoms are treated by herbs that Cool the Blood? scarlet tongue, irritability, restlessness
Blood level heat damages what? injures yin & exhausts fluids
Name 2 Clear Heat herbs that treat both excess & deficient heat. Mu Dan Pi & Di Gu Pi
What is a major herb for clearing damp-heat in the St & LI? Huang Qin
Clear Heat, Relieve Toxicity herbs primarily treat what? fever, hot swellings
What is Jin Yin Hua? honeysuckle
What are Jin Yin Hua's actions? disperses heat, clears toxicity, cools blood, stops bleeding; clears early-stage W-H and damp-heat in LW
What are Lian Qiao's actions? cools heat, esp in Ht & UW, resolves toxicity, disperses clumps
What does Da Qing Ye do? prevents common colds, cold sores, clears Qi & Blood levels
What are Ban Lan Gen's primary actions? cools blood, benefits THROAT, anti-microbial
What are Pu Gong Ying's actions? tx breast & intestinal abscesses, promotes lactation, facilitates urination, clears Lv & eyes for redness, swelling
What is Ye Ju Hua? Wild chrysanthemum
What does Ye Ju Hua treat? carbuncles/sores, wind-fire red eyes
What does Bai Jiang Cao treat? INTESTINAL ABSCESSES/APPENDICITIS; invigorates blood for heat induced blood stasis, stops growth of CA
What are 2 herbs that tx intestinal abscess? Pu Gong Ying, Bai Jiang Cao
What does Bai Tou Weng treat? damp-heat in LI (dysentery)
What is Bai Tou Weng? Pulsatilla
What is Ma Chi Xian? Portulacca
What does Ma Chi Xian treat? damp-heat, bacterial dysentery, clears heat, resolves toxicity, eases LI
What does Yu Xing Cao treat? LUNG ABSCESS; clears heat toxins
Name three herbs that treat dysentery. Bai Tou Weng, Ma Chi Xian, Ya Dan Zi
Which herb treats plantar warts? Ya Dan Zi
What does Ma Bo treat? Throat disorders due to wind-heat, fire toxins; used with Shan Dou Gen
What does Ya Dan Zi treat? dysenteric disorders, warts (plantar & vaginal)
What does Shan Dou Gen treat? swollen, painful throat, Lu CA
What does She Gan treat? throat swellings; transforms phlegm in throat, Lu; pain & swelling due to fire excess or phlegm-heat
What is She Gan? Iris
What is the primary action of Clear Summerheat herbs? clear heat from deficiency
What is He Ye? Lotus leaf
What are He Ye's actions? raises Sp Yang, drains summerheat; tx diarrhea from summerheat
What is Xi Gua? Watermelon
What are Xi Gua's actions? generates fluids, promotes urination, releases heat from St channel
In what formula is Xi Gua found? Bai Hu Tang/ Natural White Tiger Decoction
Which 4 Clear Heat/Toxicity Herbs treat the throat? Ban Lan Gen, Shan Dou Gen, She Gan, Ma Bo
Which herb is used as a tea in summer to prevent or clear summerheat, esp when there is thirst? Lu Dou
Which summerheat herb is used to treat obesity? Lu Dou
Lu Dou is an antidote to what two items? Fu Zi and fava beans
What does Bai Bian Dou treat? diarrhea & vomiting due to summerheat; strengthens Sp
Which 2 Summerheat herbs treat diarrhea? He Ye & Bai Bian Dou
What are the 3 categories of Downward Draining Herbs? purgatives, moist laxatives, harsh expellants
How does Heat accumulation cause constipation? Heat depletes St/LI fluids; can present with high fever
How does Cold accumulation cause constipation? Cold interferes with the normal expulsion of stool; usually seen with systemic cold sx.
Name 2 purgative herbs. Da Huang, Mang Xiao
What are Da Huang's actions? 1. guides heat downward, purges clumped heat in the LI, 3. cools the blood, 4. removes blood stasis 5. purges accumulations to tx constipation
Which of the downward draining herbs can be charred to stop bleeding? Da Huang
What are Mang Xiao's actions? moistens dryness, softens hardness, (topically, promotes lactation; overuse stops lactation)
Name 2 Moist Laxative herbs. Huo Ma Ren & Yu Li Ren
Which of the Downward Draining Herbs can mildly tonify Yin? Huo Ma Ren
Which is stronger for treating constipation: Yu Li Ren or Huo Ma Ren? Yu Li Ren
What are Huo Ma Ren's actions? 1. enriches yin fluids, 2. moistens dryness & unblocks dry constipation, 3. mildly tonifies yin; tx elderly yin deficient constipation
Which moist laxative herb is indicated for excess conditions? Yu Li Ren
Moist laxative herbs treat constipation due to what causes? Blood, Yin or Qi deficiency
Harsh Expellant herbs treat constipation due to what causes? stagnation of fluids in the thoracic or abdominal cavities
what are the actions of harsh expellant herbs? drives out excess water; treats interior excess patterns
What is a caution that must be considered when using harsh expellant herbs They can injure Yin.
Name 2 Harsh Expellant herbs. Qian Nui Zi & Gan Sui
What does Qian Niu Zi treat? expels intestinal parasites, dispels intestinal accumulations; expels roundworms and tapeworms; unblocks and drains via urine & stool
What does Gan Sui treat? Excess edema; induces severe watery diarrhea & promotes urination
With what is Gan Sui incompatible? Gan Cao
Which of the downward draining herbs is a violent cathartic? Gan Sui
What is dampness? fluid accumulation in the body (thin mucous, edema, pathogenic water)
What are the properties of Drain Dampness herbs? sweet & bland
Drain Dampness herbs primarily enter which channels? Bl, Sp, Kd
What are the signs of damp-heat? fever, burning sensations, dark or yellow secretions
What are the main actions of Drain Dampness herbs? promote water metabolism, leach out dampness (diuretics)
Name 9 Drain Dampness herbs. 1. Fu Ling, 2. Zhu Ling, 3. Che Qian Zi, 4. Hua Shi, 5. Dong Kui Zi, 6. Yi Yi Ren, 7. Jin Qian Cao, 8. Ze Xie, 9. Yin Chen Hao
What are 4 actions of Fu Ling? 1. tonifies Sp, 2. eliminates dampness, 3. promotes urination, 4. Calms the Ht
What are 2 contraindications for Drain Dampness Herbs? Yin deficiency & depleted fluids
Compare Fu Ling & Zhu Ling. Zhu Ling is a stronger diuretic. Zhu Ling has no tonifying effects.
What does Che Qian Zi treat? 1.Damp-heat in the LW, promotes urination(tx leukorrhea, solidifies stool), 2. Clears Lu heat & expel phlegm to stop cough, 3. Clears red eyes from Lv heat
What are Dong Kui Zi's actions? 1. unblocks hot, stone LIN, 2. benefits breast for insufficient LACTATION, 3. promotes urination 4. unblocks intestines & moves bowels
Name 3 actions of Yi Yi Ren. 1. promoes urination, strengthens Sp, clears heat
What are Jin Qian Cao's actions? 1. Expels stones (Kd, Bl, GB), 2. drains damp, 3. clears heat, 4. eliminates jaundice
Which 3 herbs are called the "golden herbs"? Why? Jin Qian Cao, Hai Jin Sha, Ji Nei Jin; Jin=Gold
What is Ze Xie's primary action? drains Kd fire (by promoting urination)
Yin Chen Hao's primary function is what? #1 herb to tx jaundice (tx Lv/GB damp-heat or cold)
What are the 3 draining herbs in Liu Wei di Huang Wan? Fu Ling, Mu Dan Pi, Ze Xie
What are the 3 tonifying herbs in Liu Wei di Huang Wan? (blank)
What is the #1 herb to tx jaundice? Yin Chen Hao
What is the primary herb to expel stones? Jin Qian Cao
What is the nature of herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness? aromatic, warm, drying
Dispel Wind Damp herbs treat what areas of the body? muscles, sinews, joints, bones; bi
What are some cautions in the use of Dispel W_D herbs? Caution in patients w/ Blood or Yin deficiency
Name 5 herbs that dispel Wind-Dampness. Du Huo, Qin Jiao, Wei Ling Xian, Sang Zhi, Cang Er Zi
What are 2 actions of Du Huo? guides to the lower body; alleviates Bi syndrome in low back & legs
What are the properties of Qin Jiao? bitter, acrid, sl. cold
What does Qin Jiao treat? HOT BI; acute or chronic, hot or cold Bi; alos, wind Bi aches & pains, relaxes sinews
What is the taste of Wei Ling Xian? salty
What is Wei Ling Xian? Clematis root
What herb is best for softening fish bones lodged in the throat? Wei Ling Xian
What herb is unique in its ability to treat hot Bi? Qin Jiao
What does Wei Ling Xian do? softens fish bones, unblocks LW, releases exterior, promotes movement of Qi
What does Sang Zhi do? dispels wind, unblocks channels in the UPPER EXTREMITIES to treat pain, numbness, itching
What is Cang Er Zi's primary action? unblock nasal passages
What are 2 other herbs frequently used with Cang Er Zi? BAI ZHI & xin yi hua
What are some causes of phlegm that lead to cough? 1. Sp deficiency, 2. pathogenic heat, 3. Kd deficiency, 4. Lv Qi constraint, 5. Lungs are the receptacle for phlegm
Transform Phlegm-Heat herbs treat what 2 kinds of phlegm?` phlegm heat & dry phlegm
What are some conditions treated by transform phlegm herbs? epilepsy, goiter, scrofularia
Name 7 herbs that Transform Phlegm-Heat. 1. Qian Hu, 2. Gua Luo Ren, 3. Tian Hua Fen, 4. Zhu Ru, 5. Chaun Bei Mu, 6. Zhi Bei Mu, 7. Kun Bu
What are the actions of Qian Hu DIRECT QI DOWNWARD; assists dissemination of Lu Qi, directs fire down, tx COUGH
What are the actions of Chuan Bei Mu? clears heat, transforms phlegm, tx cough with fire due to YIN DEFICIENCY
What are the actions of Zhi Bei Mu? clears heat, transforms phlegm for Lu heat patterns with productive cough
Compare Chuan Bei Mu & Zhi Bei Mu. Chuan Bei Mu tx Yin def. heat; Zhi Bei Mu treats patterns with more heat.
What is Gua Luo Ren? trichosanthis seeds
What are Gua Luo Ren's actions? 1. moistens Lu & LI, 2. cools & transforms phlegm; tx cough w/ chest pain & thick mucous
Name 3 herbs that are used together to tx Lu abscess. Gua Luo Ren, Yu Xing Cao, Jie Geng
What are the actions of Tian Hua Fen? 1. drains Lu heat, 2. generates fluids, 3. expels pus, 4. tx Yin deficient wasting & thirsting disorder
What is Zhu Ru? bamboo shavings
What are Zhu Ru's actions? 1. stops vomiting & directs rebellious St qi down, 2. clears Lu & St heat, 3. tx morning sickness
Name 4 transform Phlegm-Cold herbs. 1. Ban Xia, 2. Tian Nan Xing, 3. Bai Jie Zi, 4. Jie Geng
What does Ban Xia do? 1. drains rebellious qi down (Er Chen Tang), 2. dries damp, 3. transforms phlegm-cold, 4. IMPERIAL HERB TO TREAT PHLEGM-DAMP DUE TO SP DEF.
What are Ban Xia's contraindications? 1. bleeding, 2. cough due to yin deficiency, 3. depleted fluids
Which is drier & stronger, Ban Xia or Tian Nan Xing? Tian Nan Xing
What does Tian Nan Xing treat? Dispels Wind to tx spasms, epilepsy, vertigo, facial paralysis; PRIMARY HERB TO TX WIND-PHLEGM
What are Bai Jie Zi's actions? warms Lu, regulates qi, expels phlegm
What sx are treated by Bai Jie Zi? coughing, wheezing, numb limbs caused by phlegm obstructing Qi flow
Bai Jie Zi can be used internally & externally to tx what? externally -joint pain, limb numbness; internally - asthma
What are Jie Geng's actions? 1. opens & disperses Lu Qi, 2. expels phlegm, 3. stops cough, 4. benefits the throat, 5. guides to Lungs, 6. tx Lu abscess
What are Kun Bu's actions? clears heat, transforms phlegm, promotes urination, tx neck nodules, scrofularia
Which 2 herbs are often used together to tx phlegm in the upper body? Kun Bu & Hai Zao
Name 4 Relieve Cough & Wheezing herbs. Xing Ren, Su Zi, Bai Bu, Sang Bai Pi
What are Xing Ren's 2 major actions? 1. moisten intestines & unblock the bowels, 2. stop cough & wheezing for W-C attaking the Lu
Su Zi treats what kind of wheezing? exhalation is worse than inhalation (therefore Lu not Kd def)
What are Su Zi's 2 main actions? 1. directs Qi down to stop cough & wheezing, 2. moistens intestines & unblocks bowels
What are Bai Bu's 2 main actions? 1. moistens Lu, stops cough, 2. expels parasites & kills lice
What are Sang Bai Pi's 3 major actions? 1. drains heat from the Lu to stop cough & wheezing (w/ copiuos sputum), 2. promotes urination to reduce facial edema, 3. HTN
What is the nature of Aromatic Transform Damp Herbs? acrid, warm, aromatic, dry
What pattern & sx are are tx by Aromatic Transform Damp Herbs? Stagnation in the MW -- distention in abdomen, nausea, vomiting, spitting up sour fluids, loss of appetite
What cautions must be taken into accoutn when using Aromatic Transform Damp herbs? They can exhaust Qi & injure Yin.
Name 4 Aromatic Transform Phlegm herbs. Huo Xiang, Huo Po, Cang Zhu, Sha Ren
What does Huo Xiang treat? nausea & vomiting caused by damp
What is Hou Po? magnolia bark
What are Huo Po's actions? Moves qi, relieves stagnation to tx vomiting & diarrhea, distention & fullness cuased by EXCESS
What is Cang Zhu? black atractylodes
What are Cang Zhu's actions? strongly dries damp & strengthens Sp; induces sweating & dispels W-D; clears LW damp-heat pouring down(foul smelling vaginal discharge)
Compare Bai Zhi & Cang Zhu. Cang Zhu is much drier
In what formula is Cang Zhu used to tx foul smelling vaginal discharge? Er Miao San
What is Sha Ren? Cardamom
What are Sha Ren's actions? promotes movement of qi, calms fetus, prevents tonifying herbs from causing stagnation
Name 3 herbs used to prevent tonifying herbs from causing stagnation. Chen Pi (Lu), Sha Ren (digestion), Mu Xiang (LW)
What is the nature of Regulate Qi herbs? aromatic or warm, acrid, dispersing or drying
What channels do Regulate Qi herbs enter? Lv & St
What do Regulate Qi herbs do? 1. Regulate Qi & Strenthen Sp, 2. Spread constrained Lv Qi, 3. dissipate nodules & direct rebellious Qi down
Name 9 Regulate Qi herbs. Chen Pi, Qing Pi, Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke, Xiang Fu, Mu Xiang, Wu Yao, Chen Xiang, Chuan Lian Zi
What are Chen Pi's actions? 1. prevents stagnation caused by the cloying nature of tonifying herbs, 2. moves Qi (for Sp/St stagnant Qi)
Chen Pi is often used with what herb to dry damp-phlegm? Ban Xia
What are Qing Pi's actions? 1. directs downward, 2. breaks stagnant Qi & dissipates clumps, 3. harmonizes St, 4. treats pain in the chest/breast problems due to stagnation; 5. dires damp, transforms phlegm
What are Zhi Shi's actions? 1. breaks up stagnant Qi, 2. transforms phlegm & focal distention for abdominal/epigastric pain; acts STRONGLY & QUICKLY
Compare Zhi Ke to Zhi Shi. Zhi Ke is milder, tx digestive problems, direct qi down to unblock the bowels & tx focal distention
What does Xiang Fu treat, primarily? GYN disorders -- spreads & regulates Lv Qi/menstruation, alleviates pain, promotes the flow of Qi
What are 4 main actions of Mu Xiang? 1. helps prevent cloying, 2. alleviates pain in St/Sp, 3. eliminates food stagnation, 4. regulates Qi in LI
What is Wu Yao? linera
What are Wu Yao's actions? alleviates pain, warms Kd to tx freq urination, disperses cold works in all 3 warmers
What does Chen Xiang treat? 1. alleviates pain in epigastrum/abdomen, 2. directs qi down for wheezing, vomiting, belching, 3. helps Kd grasp Qi to tx asthma, wheezing with inhalation problems
What are Chaun Lian Zi's actions? moves Qi, stops pain, dires damp, regulates Qi, esp w/ Lv/St disharmony
What are some sx that Chuan Lian Zi treats? hernia, kills parasites (roundworms, tapeworms
What is Chen Xiang? aloeswood
Name 3 herbs that relieve food stagnation. Shan Zha, Mai Ya, Lai Fu Zi
What type of food stagnation does Shan Zha treat? meat or greasy food
What are Shan Zha's properties? sour & sweet
When used raw, what does Shan Zha treat? HTN & cholesterol
What type of food stagantion does Mai Ya treat? starchy food
When used raw or stir fried, what does Mai Ya do? inhibits lactation
What are Lai Fu Zi's actions? 1. transforms phlegm, reduces food stagnation, 3. promotes flow of Qi in Lu, Sp, LI, 4. eliminates accumulations, 5. counteracts ginseng overdose
What are the 3 general Blood pathologies? bleeding, blood stasis, blood deficiency
What are the 3 categories of herbs to regulate blood? Stop bleeding, regulate blood, tonify blood
What are 3 reasons for bleeding? 1. Sp fails to hold the blood; leaks out of vessels, 2. excess yang pushes blood out (fire or asc yang); reckless bleeding of hot blood due to yin def.; 3. Blood stasis obstructing normal passageways of blood -- blood follows Qi
What pathology causes bleeding in the upper body? lower body? upper body -- ascendant Yang; lower body -- sinking Sp Qi
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