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Unit D & E Vocab

Histogram A vertcal graph showing the brightness levels in an image, ranging from darkest(left) to lightest(right).
Channel A category of information related to a color range.
Bit Depth The number of bits used to describe a pixel.
Brightness Adjusts the relative lightness or darkness of an image.
Contrast The difference between the darkest and and lightest portions of an image.
Shadows The darkest part of an image that still has visible detail.
Highlights The lightest part of an image that still has visuble detail.
Hue A specific wavelength relating to *color*.
Saturation The intensity or purity of a color in an image.
Warm Light Light that has reds, yellows, oranges added to it.
Cool Light Light that has blues, purples, and greens added to it.
Filter In Editor, a feature that alters the appearance of an image by adding visual effects to it. In Organizer, a feature that displays only certain photos based on crieria you select.
Electromagnetic Spectrum The full range of wavelegths that compose light.
White Light Wavelegths of light visible to the human eye.
Additive Primary Colors Combine colors to produce other colors.
Subtractive Secondary colors Colors created by subtracting colors(color we preceive in printed materials.
Fade The number of brush marks before the color fades out.
Jitter Brush dynamics option that effects the degree to which the brush strokes switches between foreground and background color.
Scatter Brush dynamic control that effects the distribution of the brush marks.
Barreling(Fish Eye) Distortion that causes the apperance of outward curve; also known as fish-eye distortion(out).
Pincushion Pinched distortion(in).
Transformation Alters an item by modifying it's physical qualities(size, shape, and position).
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