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The Rime..

Who is the author? Samuel Taylor Coleridge
What is an Epigraph? quote or citation placed at beginning of literary work in order to set the theme for the whole
How long is the poems Epigraph? paragraph
Who is the original author of the poems Epigraph? Thomas Burnet
Who has the first speaking line? Thomas Burnet
Thomas Burnet says man must be vigilant of: truth
what 2 natures does Burnet say there are: visible and invisible
What question does Thomas Burnet ask about these natures? Who explains the invisible nature to us?
What does Burnet think people ought to do about these natures? study them
Why does Burnet say people study invisible nature? broaden their minds
What does Burnet say happens to the mind that does not contemplate the invisible nature? dwendles and thinks of petty thoughts
Which type of nature does this poem focus on? invisible
What does Burnet say we must keep a sense of? proportion
In what year is the Epigraph added to the poem? 1817
How does Burnet think the natures are studied? objectively
What kinds of worlds are implied in the Epigraph? natural and supernatural
What other nature is studied in the poem? human nature
What is the overall tone of the Epigraph? speculative
From what work of Burnet does the Epigraph derive? Archaeologiae Philosophicae
Who alters the text of the Epigraph? Coleridge
What does the Epigraph help the reader to see in the poem? importance of individual nature
What is a synonym of the word "Rime"? verse
How many parts are in the poem? seven
What is the main theme of the poem? study of natures
What are the notes? shorter summation of the poem
What is the purpose of the notes? clarification of poems meaning
How many men does the Mariner meet? three
How many of the men does the Mariner stop? one
Where are the men the Mariner meets going? wedding
What stops the guest? Mariner's eye
In what direction does the ship sail? south
How long does the good weather last? until the ship reaches the line
What is the line? equator
What distracts the guest? bridal music
What comes through the snow-fog and is joyfully recieved? albatross
Why do the shipmates cry out against the Mariner? killing of albatross
Which ocean is the ship described as entering? pacific
What is the name of the learned Jew? Joesphus
What hangs around the Mariner's name? dead albatross
What does the approaching ship resemble? skeleton
Who wins the ancient Mariner? Life in death
When do the Mariner's shipmates "drop down dead"? rising of the moon
What does the Mariner see in the moonlight? creatures of great calm
With what is the Mariner refreshed? rain
How are the bodies of the crew re-animated? angelic spirits
After the removal of the curse, what does the Mariner behold? native land
What does the Mariner ask the hernit to do? absolve him of his sins
What does the hermit instruct the Mariner to teach others? love and reverence all things made by God
What adjective describes the eye of the Mariner? glittering
What is the relationship between the guest and the bridegroom? next to kin
What does the guest command the Mariner to do? let him go
What does the guest initially think of the Mariner? he's crazy
How does the guest listen to the Mariner? obediently like a child
Where does the guest sit? on a stone
How does the ships journey begin? gloriously
Who/what ariseson the left of the ship from the sea? sun
When the ship reaches the line, what is over the mast at noon? sun
What instrument distracts the guest? bassoon
Who goes before the bride into the wedding hall? minstrels
What comes upon the ship when it reaches the line? stormblast
After reaching the line, in what direction does the ship go? south
How is the area in which the ship first enters after passing the line? cold and icy
How high is the ice in the polar region? mast high
What color is the ice? green
What do the sailors see in the polar region? only ice
What does the ice do to frighten the sailors? makes loud cracking noises
How does the crew think of the albatross? as a good omen
In what direction does the ship go after the albatross arrives? north
Why does the albatross come to the ship? food and to play
After describing the arrival of the albatross and its interactions with the crew, the Mariner begins to look intensely uncomfortable? he's thinking about how he killed the albatross
How does the albatross die? shot with a cross bow
At what time of the day does the albatross die? night
Who/what hides in the mist sun
On what side of the ship does the Sun now set right
No _______ comes to the crew's ________. bird, hello
What do the sailors initially believe the Albatross had favorably done for them Made the wind blow
What initially changes the sailors' minds about the Albatross, to think negatively of it, after it dies Fog clears
Which of these words best describes the crew superstitious
After the fog lifts, what suddenly happens to the Ship It is becalmed
Where is the Ship after the fog lifts The Line
What does the phrase, "Day after day, day after day" suggest Repetitiveness of being becalmed
What do the boards of the Ship do shrink
Slimy things are seen crawling with legs upon the slimy what sea
What are seen dancing at night Death fires
The water is compared to what mystical substance Witches’ oil
14. As what colors does the water appear to burn Green, blue, white
Who, are some sailors assured in their dreams, follows the Ship Polar Spirit
From where is the Ship followed Land of mist and snow
Why are the sailors being becalmed Punishment for killing the albatross
What hangs around the Mariner's neck The dead albatross
How does the Mariner describe time after the object hangs around his neck weary
In what direction is the Mariner looking when he spots something at the Line West
Which word does the Mariner NOT use to describe the object he spots at the Line form
What does the Mariner see at the Line A ship
All of the sailors, including the Mariner, are mute by extreme thirst. How does he tell them what he sees Drinks his own blood
What example of the Mariner's does the rest of the crew follow They also drink their own blood
What is the first strange thing noticed about the movement of the object that approaches the Ship at the Line There is no wind or tide
What comes between the Mariner's Ship and the sun the newly arrived ship
How does the Mariner describe the sails of the other ship Like gossamere
How many passengers are on the ship that arrives two
Death is described as the Woman's: mate
What are Death and the Woman doing Casting dice
How many times does the Woman whistle 3
What does the Woman win The Mariner
Who claims the crew Death
How is the moon described horned
How does the crew curse the Mariner With their eyes
How many men are there in the crew 200
What does the Guest fear at the beginning of Part IV That the Mariner is a spirit
Who lies dead on the Ship at the beginning of Part IV crew
What "thousand thousand" things live on Silmy things
What adjective does the Mariner use to describe the sea and the Ship Rotting
What does the Mariner try to do, but cannot pray
The Mariner's heart is as: dry as dust
What objects are at the Mariner's feet during his suffering in Part IV Dead
How many days and nights does the Mariner see the curse 7
In what does the Mariner see the curse Eyes of the crew
Why does the Mariner envy the Moon and stars They move
What does the Mariner watch in the moonlight Water snakes
Which colors are used to describe the objects the Mariner watches in the moonlight Velvet black, glossy green, & blue
The Mariner thinks the objects he watches in the moonlight are: beautiful
What does the Mariner do, without realizing it, after watching the objects in the moonlight Blesses the water snakes
Who takes pity on the Mariner after he watches the objects in the moonlight A saint
After the Mariner feels unexpected love, what is he able to do Pray
What falls into the sea, like lead Dead albatross
What slides into the soul of the Mariner Sleep
Who sends the "gentle sleep from Heaven" Mary
When the Mariner awakes after the Heavenly sleep, what does he find Rain
When the Mariner awakes after the Heavenly sleep, what does he "almost" think happens He died in his sleep
What does the Mariner hear after waking from the Heavenly sleep Roaring wind
How does the Ship begin to move after the Mariner wakes from the Heavenly sleep Mysteriously
What sort of weather is occurring when the Ship begins to move Storming
When the dead men rise, what is the most significant thing they do Do not move their eyes
Who steers the Ship after the dead men rise Helmsman
Who does the Mariner find himself working beside, "knee to knee" his nephew
What does the person working beside the Mariner say to him Nothing
Who makes the dead men rise Angels
Who is guiding, not steering, the Ship while it is being crewed by the dead men Polar spirits
What happens at midday while the Ship is being crewed by the dead men Stops and begins heaving
When does the Mariner faint When the ship breaks free
For how long is the Mariner unconscious after fainting He doesn’t know
Who does the Mariner hear talking while he is unconscious 2 spirits
What do the speakers the Mariner hears while unconscious say is not yet over for the Mariner His punishment
Whose are the two voices the Mariner hears while unconscious Spirits
To what is the ocean subservient Moon
What forces are steering the Ship while the Mariner is unconscious Angelic forces
Why must the Mariner remain unconscious Ship is moving to fast
What happens when the Mariner regains consciousness Ship slows down
At what time of day does the Mariner wake up after fainting Night
What does the Mariner feel when he wakes up after fainting Curse
When can the Mariner not do again when he awakes after fainting Pray
What comforts the Mariner when he awakes after fainting Wind
Where does the Ship go when the Mariner awakes after fainting Mariners home country
Which of the following does the Mariner NOT describe seeing when he returns to his country Familiar ship
The Mariner prays to God that if he is not awake, then let him be: permanently asleep
What color shadows does the Mariner see Red
What leaves the bodies of the crew Angelic spirits
What do the recently evacuated spirits form Points of light
What does the form of the spirits attract Rescue boat
What does the Mariner hear after the spirits make their form oars
Who is the Mariner eager to see on the rescue boat Hermit
How does the Mariner describe the Hermit Religious man that lives in the woods
What does the Mariner overhear the passengers on the rescue boat talk about The lights
How does the Pilot react to the Ship Afraid
As the rescue boat approaches, what happens to the Ship Sinks
How does the Mariner look when he enters the rescue boat Frightening
What does the Pilot's boy call the Mariner Devil
What does the Mariner want of the Hermit when they reach the shore Absolution
What forces the Mariner to tell his story to the Hermit Agony in his soul
What happens to the Mariner when he tells the Hermit his story Relieved of agony
After the Hermit blesses him, where is the Mariner compelled to go Everywhere
When does the Mariner have to share his story with someone When he feels the agony in his soul
What happens to the Mariner whenever he tells his story Agony leaves
Of what's greatness does the Mariner tell the Guest Prayer
What does the Mariner tell the Guest he ought to love All of gods creations
At what sound does the Mariner leave Bell that signals prayer
Which of the following words is used to describe the Guest the following morning Sadder
Which of the following words is also used to describe the Guest the following morning Wiser
What two natures does the Hermit harmonize Visible & invisible
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