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ENG - Homer's Iliad


What did each of the three goddesses try to bribe Paris with? Hera: Power Athena: Wisdom Aphrodite:the prettiest girl in the world
Who did Paris choose? Aphrodite
When Paris and Helen took off, where was Menelaus? He was gone
At what point in the Trojan war did the story of the Iliad begin? End of Nine Years beginning of ten years
Why did Agamemnon lead a group to capture the city of Thebes? Supplies
Describe the circumstances that generate the battle that will occur after the power struggle between Achilles and Agamemnon occurs? Achillies stops fighting and goes to Troys side and swears vengance on Agamemnon. He cries to his mom Thetis and she helps him convince Zeus to allow the Trojans to win.
How will this battle be fought? What where the terms of the duel? Paris will fight one greek and if he wins he keeps Helen, but if he loses he will return Helen. Either way the war ends.
How did King Pria feel about Helen's role of the war? He told her it wasn't her fault
How did Helen feel about her responsibility? She was crying her life away
What can we learn about how they "cast lots" in this era? 2 rocks in a helmet and which ever rock jumped out would get to throw the first spear.
Who got to throw the first spear? Paris
What happened to the Menelaus throw, and then afterwards? He missed Paris, then he went and grabbed his helment strap
Why didn't Paris die? Aphrodite was watching over him and the helmet strap broke
What was Helen's "suportive" responce to her husband? She was jealous of Aphrodite
How did Athena stir up the war once again? Why? She told an Archer to shoot Menelous, she told him because she wanted Troy destroyed
What was Hectors one goal at this point? To have his son to be better than him
At this point why where the Trojans winning the war? Hector and the Gods
What did Agamemnon want to do? Give Up
Who went to try and pacify Achillies? Odysseus
What was the name of Archillies companion and helper? Patroklos
What was Archillies response and why? He refused because of his pride
When Archilles heard the battle raging, what did he do? He sent Patroklos to see who was wounded
What did Nestor suggest that Patroklus do to help the Greeks if Archilles wouldn't? To put on Archilles armor and fight
What is Achilles response to his friend's plan? He agreed to the plan
What stern warning did Archilles give to Patroklus? 1. Do not fight hector 2. Do not follow trojans to the city walls
Did the greeks fall for the ruse? Yes
The Greeks were winning, and Patroclus forgot Achilles orders and followed the retreating Trojan army. What happened to him and why? He died by fighting Hector because Apollo was helping
What prophecy did Patroklus speak over Hector? He told him that he will die at the hands of Archilles
Why was King Menelaus so adamant about the Trojan touching Patroklus body? He wanted a proper burial
How did Hector respond to that threat? He took the Armor of Archilles
What was Zeus's response to Hector's action? He will kill Hector eventually
What was his Mummy's response to his decision to go kill Hector? She wanted him to wait until she could get him new armor
Describe Achilles new armor? Wide and No Spear could pierce it
What was Hectors response when he say his young brother killed by Achilles? He cried, then threw his spear
In the battle between Archilles and Hector, who was protecting Hector? Apollo
As a result of Achilles killing frenzy, what did the Trojan army do? Retreated into the city
What Trojan alone was left on the battle field? Hector
When did Hector finallly decide to engage in battle with Achilles, and what Vow did Hector suggest? they would allow the ady to be buried properly
What was Archilles answer? No
Why was Achilles able to prevail over Hector? Hector was still wearing his armor
What happened to Hectors corpse? It was dragged off by Archilles
What softened archilles heart towards Priam? The sorrow of Priam
How did the story end? Troy was no more
on the surface, what caused the argument between Archilles and Agamemnon? Agamemnon wanted briseies
What really was the problem between the two men? pride
Why did Agememnon choose to take Achilles woman? He was upset that Archilles confronted him
In the course of the book, what does Achilles do that is not wise? Confront agamemnon and choose not to fight
What was Achilles major problem with Agamemnon? He was upset that Agamemnon gets most of the prizes and that he does all the fighting
What was agamemnons major isssue with Achilles? HE was jealous
Why does Achilles decide not to strike agamemnon? Athena
Who is Kronos broad-browed son? Zeus
How does Hera respond to Zeus readiness to grant Theris' request? She accused him of taking favor
After Hektor "scolds" paris about not fighting at the start of this selection, what is paris' response? He said he needed time to grieve but he was ready to fight once he got his armor on
Desribe Helens response to hector after he chews out paris. She says this is all her fault and she wissed she was never born then she invites him to take a set
Why do you think Helen constantly does the "woe is me..." routine when she sees the desolation of the greek and trojans? Because she knows she could stop the war but she chooses not too
Where does hektor finally find Andromache? She was in ilions great tower
Andromache had every reason to want to see the Greeks destroyed, yet she urges her husband, the best fighter of the trojans, to sease fighting. Why would she have hated the Greeks? Achilles a greek warrior killed alll of her family
Besides the fact that Asanyx wilol grow up without a father, what other persuasive means does Andromache use to try to get Hektor to stay inside the walls of troy and foght no more? She wil have no one left to take car of her
What is scared Ilion? troy
When hektor went to hold his son, why did the child shrink back in fear? ektor was wearing his helmet
What does Andromache do after hektor goes back to fight? She morns the death of her husband
At this point in the story, who seems to have the military advantage? Trojans, because they had killed patroklos and had burned most of the grek ships
The greeks are also know by what other names? Achaians, Danaas and Argives
The trojans are also know by what other names? Dardanians, Phrygians and Ilion
Achilles Son of Peleus, a mortal king, and the sea-goddess Thetis. the best warrior among the Achains: leader of the Myrmidons.
Agamemnon King of Mycenae; husband of Klytaimestra; brother of Menelaos. leader of the greeek expeditionary force.
hellen wife of Menelaos, king of sparta
Menelaos king of sparta and the surronding area. Son of arteus, brother of Agamemnon, husband of hellen
Nestor King of pylos, beloging to an older generation than the other greek warriors. he serves as a wise old counselor
odysseus King of ithaka. The smoothest talker and wiliest thinker among the greeks; a favorite of the goddess Athena
Patroklos Son of menotois, a companion and henchman to Achilles
peleus Father of Achilles; husband of the goddess thetis
Andromache Wife of Hektor
Astyanax infant son of hektor ans Andromache.
Briseis A trojan captive girl, named after her father Briseus
Chyrseis The daughter of chryses,preist of apollo. A captive girl given to agamemnon
Hektor son of priam; leader of the trojans and greatest fighter
Paris Son of king priam and queen hekabe
Priam king of troy; husband of hekabe father of hector and paris
Aphrodite Goddess of love, beauty; protects helen and paris and favors the trojans
Apollo the archer god; a god of light and healing. apollo not only heals, he vistits pestilence on men. he favors and protects the trojans
Athene Daughter of zeus only. She emerged out of her fathers head fully armed and is associated woth victory in war and clever thinking and speaking. whe protects the Greeks
Hera Sister and wife of Zeus; favors the greeks
Thetis Sea goddess; wife of the mortal peleus and mother of archilles
Zeus The most powerful of the gods, known as "father of men and gods"
Anachronism something that is used out of place
What did homeric epics center on? Heroes who embody the vaules of ancient greek culture
What is homer's greatest contribution to Western literature and western thought? Greek concept of humanity
What is lyric poetry and why does it lose its flavor in translatuon? It loses it's musical quality of lyric
How does legend describe homer? Homer was blindbard may have some basss in fact if he lived to be an old man he simply became blind
What are stock epithets? What function did they play in the epics? they are noun-afjective combinations that allowe the reciter to describe an object
What is meter and why is it so important? essential ingredent to the homeric epic formula
What is the historical context of the iliad Recounts only part of a long series of events in the trojan war
Describe the cultural context of the Iliad? it talked about the greek gods and their culture
How did the greeks define honor? 1. fight for home or country 2. ensure a reputation that would live on after you 3.honor was displayed through pride 4. honor depeneded on how the world saw you not how you saw yourself
When and where was the trojan war set? the trojan war was set in troy from 1250b.c.(begining of the tenth year)
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