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Wordly Wise Lesson7

Book 6

Brawl n. A rough, noisy fight v. To fight noisily
Casual adj. 1. Not planned 2. Not regular;occasional 3. Suitable for everyday use; comfortable
Constant adj. 1. Not changing 2. Loyal; faithful 3. Without a pause; unending
Excel v. To do well; to be better or greater than others.
Exhaust v. 1. To use up 2. To tire out. The waste gases from an engine; the system that pumps out such waste gases
Hardy adj. Able to survive under bad conditions; tough
Mediocre adj. Of low to medium quality, barely passable
Monotonous adj. Always the same; not varying; boring monotony - n. Lack of variety resulting in boredom
Originate v. To bring or come into being. origin - n. A beginning or coming into being
Punctuate v. 1. To add marks such as commas and periods to writing to make the meaning clear 2. To interrupt from time to time punctuation - n. The use of marks such as commas and periods in writing
Ravenous adj. 1. Very hungry 2. Eager for whatever satisfies one's needs or wants
Realistic adj. 1. Closely resembling real life 2. Aware of things as they are; practical
Soothe v. 1. To make calm and relaxed 2. To relieve soreness; to make less painful
Stampede n. A sudden rush of animals or people, usually caused by fear v. To take part in a stampede
Veteran n. 1. A person who has served in the armed forces 2. A person with much experience adj. Experienced
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