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February words

More Latvian vocab

Tas Ir That is
Garsigi delicious
Leti cheap
Dargi expensive
Es biezi I often
Liels Big (liela-feminine)
Mazs small (maza-feminine)
Es neatceros I don’t remember
Cena price
Kada cena? how much?
Laba ideja good idea!
Vards name
Uzvards last name
Saksim! Let’s start!
Jaukas Brivdienas Have a nice weekend
Forsi cool!
Lenak ludzu
Tagad now
Sobrid this moment
Paslaik now
Vienmer always
Parasti usually
Biezi often
Dazreiz sometimes
Nekad never. . . ne(verb)
Reti rarely
Katru every +
Katrudienu everyday
Katru pirmdienu every Monday
Otrdienu Tuesday
Tresdienu Wednesday
Ceturtdienu Thursday
Piektdienu Friday
Sestdienu Saturday
Svetdienu Sunday
So this (sodien-today)
pulkstenis Clock
laiks time
stunda hour
minute minute
sekunde second
sakties to begin
beigties to finish
bez without
pari past
uz to
Cik daudz How many?
Cikos At what time?
Created by: debbiermom