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PBHS Mountain Ranges

Great Dividing Range (Eastern Highlands) Australia
Ethiopian Highlands eastern Africa--Ethiopia, Eritrea, Northern Sudan
Atlas Mountains Northern Africa--Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia
Tian Shan Western China and Kyrgystan
Transantarctic Antarctica, oh yeah!
Appalachian Mountains eastern North America (stretches into Canada)
Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea; Turkey,Iran, Armenia,Azerbaijan,Georgia,Russia
Highest peak in the Caucasus Mount Elbrus
Andes Mountains entire western coast of South America; volcanic; due to subduction mostly of the Nazca Plate
Pyrenees Mountains border between Spain and France and Andorra
Rocky Mountains western range in N.America; New Mex.,Colorado,Utah,Montana,Wyoming,Idaho,British Columbia,Aberta
Apennines Mountains run the length of Italy and thru San Marino
Ural Mountains traditional boundary between Europe and Asia; Russia and Kazakhstan
Himalaya Mountains Nepal, India, China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma)
Brook's Range northern Alaska and Yukon
Hindu Kush Mountains central Asia; boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan
Alps Mountains boundary between Italy and Germany and Italy and France; runs through Switzerland and Austria
tallest peak in the Alps Alps Mountains
Carpathian Mountains Romania, Ukraine, Hungary,Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia
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