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BTT Unit One

Review for Unit One Test

Hardware The physical components of a computer
Software Set of instructions that cause the computer to perform a specific task
Keyboard Most common input device – used to enter letters, numbers and special characters
Monitor Output display screen – size of monitor and resolution is important
Mouse Input device that allows selection without typing
Floppy Disk Drive Device that holds a reusable floppy disk that can store or retrieve information
CD ROM/DVD Drive & Burner Allows you to read data from a compact disk or DVD as well as save onto the CD or DVD
Scanner Input device that allows you to copy an image into digital data
Memory Stick A portable memory device that plugs into a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port – allows for backup and transporting of files/documents
DVD Digital Versatile Disk -- stores audio, movies or large amounts of data
RUP An agreement that you will use the Internet for “acceptable” and educational reasons
Bit Binary Digit – the basic unit of information that the computer can understand. Either there is a current or there is not – represented by a 1 or a 0
Byte Eight continuous bits that join together to represent a letter, number or special character
Kilobyte Basic unit of measurement for computer memory – equal to approximately 1000 bytes (1024 or 210)
Megabyte Equal to approximately one million bytes
Gigabyte Equal to approximately one billion bytes
Terabyte Equal to approximately one trillion bytes
Ghz – Gigahertz A unit of measurement equal to one billion electrical vibrations or cycles per second – used to compare the speeds of computers
Operating System Program that provides control over computer, disk drive, printer, etc.
Peripheral Any hardware added onto your CPU
Microprocessor Miniature transistor on an integrated circuit--one or more serve as a Central Processing Unit in a computerized system
Created by: Mrs. Emms