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South Asia Asessment

Social Studies

Define suncontinent. a large landmass that is part if a continent, but geographically seperate
Giva an example of a subcontinent. India
What is the orographic effect? precipitation that occurs when moist air rises up the side of a mountain and creates rain or snow -helps shape climate of the region
What is a rain shadow? when moisture of ocean air falls on the mountain side that's facing the wind causing little moisture on the other side
What is atmosperic pressure? the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on any point of Earth's surface
What does high pressure cause? few clouds, clear, sunny day, warm
What does low pressure cause? lots of clouds, precipitation, cooler
What is a monsoon? a seasonal wind that brings either dry or moist air
What does a climagraph show? average temperature(line) and amount of precipitation(bars) in an area over a certain period of time
What did people believe about the caste system? believed you were born into a specific caste(group) and in your next life you could be reborn and rise into a higher caste if you remained a good person
What are the levels of the caste system? 1. Brahmins(priests) 2. Kshatriyas(rulers and soliders) 3. Vaishyas(farmers and merchants) 4. Shudras(laborers) The Dalits(untouchables)
What do Hindus believe about karma? actions throughout life determine how they're reborn(good or bad) what goes around comes around
What do Hindus believe about reincarnation? that after death you will be reborn into another life
What are the core beliefs of Muslims? The Five Pillars: 1. statement of faith 2. prayer 3. giving alms to the poor 4. fasting(during Ramadan) 5. the pilgrimage to Mecca(made once in life)
What did Gandhi want for women? equality, equal opportunity for jobs as men have
What did Ghandhi want with independence? wanted independence from British rule
What did Ghandhi think of the caste system? he was against this discrimination, all people should have equal opportunity, not be stuck with what their parents did
What is comparative advantage? the ability of one country to produce goods or services at a lower cost or more efficiently than another country
What is India's comparative advantage over the US? good english speakers, lower wages, and a higher population of workers
What is the US's comparative advantage over India? a high GDP(good costumers), many nearby costumers, and a skilled workforce
What is outsourcing? hiring someone outside a company to do work that was once done by the company's workers
What is information technology? the use of technology to move, record, and process information
What can be done to protect children from child labor in Pakistan? give examples from US There should be laws about: -minimum wage ($7.25 in US) -maximum number of hours a kid can work (3 hrs. school day and 8 hrs. non-school day in US) -minimum age requirement (14 in US) -no work during school times, forced to go to school
What are more things that can be done to protect children of Pakistan? -can't work really early or late (for minors no work before 7am and after 7 pm in US) -safety requirements -good working conditions
Where is all time measured from? the International Date Line
How many world time zones are there? Why? 24 b/c theres 24 hours in a day and thats how long it takes the earth to do 1 revolution
Approximately how wide is each time zone? 15 degrees of longitude
Explain why time zone boundaries are not completely straight? Time zones follow territorial(state or country) boundaries
Name the four major United States time zones. Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern
What are some inventions part of the global revolution in information technology? cell phones, personal computers, and communication satellites
India is the world's largest_______. democracy
Which city in India is the main hub of IT work/the silicone valley? Bangalore, India
What is the predominant religion in India? Hinduism
What is the predominant religion in Pakistan? Islam
Describe what happened in the partition of India and Pakistan. After they gained independence from Great Britain, British gov't concerned anout a civil war, called for division. Hindu's fled to India and Muslims fled to Pakistan. more than 10 milion became refugees and 1 million died in revenge kilings
What do winter monsoons bring? brings dry air from the north to India and creates little rain fall
What do summer monsoons bring? brings air from the Arabian Sea(southwest) and brings heavy rains
What are some positive affects of monsoons? -economies that rely on agriculture, monsoons water their fields -provide relief from sticky, summer heat
What are some negative affects of monsoons? -floods destroy homes -floods make it hard for crops to survive, and make planting/harvesting impossible -traffic halts (streets flooded) -schools, businesses close down(no one get to work) -floods pollute city's drinking water -diseases spread rapi
What causes summer monsoons? atmospheric pressure between the land and the sea
Created by: meganalbert8