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Network + Chapter 1

Chapter 1 review

Protocol A standard method of format for communication between network devices. ensure that data are transferred whole, in sequence and without error from one node to another
Node A computer or oter devices connected to a network. Which has a unique address and is capable of sending and receiving data.
Network A group of computers and other devices that are connected by and can exchange data via some type of transmission media.
Load balancing The Process of distributing data transfer activity evenly across a network so that no single device is overwhelmed
Host A computer that enables resource sharing by other computers on same network
Connectivity Device One of several types of specialized devices that allows two or more networks or multiple parts of one network to connect and exchange data
Convergence The use of data networks to carry voice, video, and other communication services in addition to data
Data Packet Discrete unit of information sent from one node on a network to another.
File Services The function of a file server that allows users to share data files applications and storage areas
Client A computer on a network that request resources or services from another computer on a network. in some cases a could also act as a server.
Client Server Architecture A network design
Client/Server Network A network that uses centrally administered computers, known as servers to enable resource sharing for and to facilitate communication between the other computers on a network.
Peer-To-Peer Network A network in which every computer can communicate directly with every other computer. By default no computer on a P2P has more authority than another. However each computer can be configured to share only some of its resources
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