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EPN Basic - Location

Location Indicators

BIKF Keflavik, Iceland
BIRK Reykjavik, Iceland
CYVR Vancouver, Canada
CYYZ Toronto (Lester B. Pearson), Canada
EBBR Brussels, Belgium
EDDF Frankfurt, Germany
EDDH Hamburg, Germany
EDDM Munich, Germany
EDDT Berlin (Tegel), Germany
EFHK Helsinki, Finland
EGKK London (Gatwick), Great Britain
EGLL London (Heathrow), Great Britain
EGSS London (Stansted), Great Britain
EGPF Glasgow, Great Britain
EHAM Amsterdam (Schiphol), Netherlands
EIDW Dublin, Ireland
EINN Shannon, Ireland
EKAH Aarhus, Denmark
EKBI Billund, Denmark
EKCH Copenhagen (Kastrup), Denmark
EKRK Copenhagen (Roskilde), Denmark
EKYT Aalborg, Denmark
ELLX Luxembourg, Luxembourg
ENBR Bergen (Flesland), Norway
ENGM Oslo (Gardemoen), Norway
ENVA Trondheim (Vaernes), Norway
ENZV Stavanger (Sola), Norway
EPWA Warsaw, Poland
ESGG Gothenburg (Landvetter), Sweden
ESMS Malmo, Sweden
ESSA Stockholm (Arlanda), Sweden
ESSB Stockholm (Bromma), Sweden
EVRS Riga, Latvia
GCLP Gran Canaria, Spain
GCXO Tenerife, Spain
HECA Cairo, Egypt
KJFK New York (John F. Kennedy), USA
KLAX Los Angeles, USA
KORD Chicago (O'Hare), USA
KSEA Seattle, USA
LEBL Barcelona, Spain
LEMD Madrid (Barajas), Spain
LFPG Paris (Charles de Gaulle), France
LGAT Athens, Greece
LHBP Budapest, Hungary
LIRF Rome (Fiumicino), Italy
LKPR Prague, Czech Republic
LOWI Innsbruck, Austria
LOWW Vienna (Schwechat), Austria
LPPT Lisbon, Portugal
OMDB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
RJAA Narita, Japan
ULLI Sankt Petersburg, Russia
UUEE Moscow, Russia
VHHH Hong Kong
VTBS Bangkok, Thailand
WSSS Singapore (Changi), Singapore
ZBAA Beijing, China
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