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YP Form Finals3

YP Form Finals 3

Yu Ping Feng San aversion to drafts, spon sweating, recurrent colds, shiny pale complexion
Dan Gui Liu Haung Tang Fever, night sweats, red face, IRR, dark and scanty stools; dry mouth, parched lips, dry stool
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang chronic diarr, DD (stool contain pus and bld, possible tenesmus), ab pain responds fav to local rpessure or warmth, lethargy, wan complex, reduced app, cold in extrem, soreness in lower back, lack of strength, prolapsed rectum
Si Shen Wan diarrhea which occurs daily just before sunrise, lack of interest in food, inability to digest what is eaten, soreness of low back, cold limbs, fatigue and lethargy, ab pain
San Paio Xiao San frequent urination (sometimes incontinence), urine color of rice water (gray and cloudy), sometimes w/ spermatt, disorientation, forgetfullness
Gu Chong Tang abnormal UT bld or profuse menses blding where bld is thin adn pale; weakness in lower back and knees, bld rushes out or continously tricles out
Wen Dai Tang profuse vag discharge that is white or pale yellow in color, thin in consistency not particarily foul smell, usually continous fatigue, lethargy, shiny pale complex loose stool
Yi Huang Tang long term unremitting yellow-white vag discharge, pale yellow complex, dizziness, sensation of heaviness of head, reduced appetite
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan palp w/ anxiety, insomnia w/ very restless sleep, hot palms and soles, IRR, fatigue, inability to think or concentrate for even a short period of time, nocturnal emissions, forgetfullness, dry stools, mouth/tongue sores, low-grade fever, night sweats
Suan Zao Ren Tang IRR, inability to sleep, palp, night sweats, dizziness, vertigo, dry throat and mouth
Gan Mai Da Zao Tang disorientation, frequent attacks of meloncholy and crying spells, inability to control onself, restless sleep, frequ bouth of yawning, abnormal behavoir and speech
Zhu Sha An Shen Wan insomnia, contin palp, sensation of IRR, ht in chest, desire to vomit w/out results, dream-dist sleep
Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang fullness in chest, IRR w/ occ palp, urinary diff, constipation, delirous speech, inability to rotate trunk, sensation o fextremem heaviness throughout the body
Xiao Feng San weepy, itchy red skin leisons over large part of body
Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang dizziness, vertigo, feeling of dist in eyes, tinnitus, feverish sensation in head, H/A, IRR, flushed face, frequ belching, progressive motor dysfunt of body, development of facial asymmerty w/ few hours to few days, severe dizziness and vertigo, sudden
Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang persistent high fever, irr, restlessness, dizziness, vertigo, twitching and spasms of extremities, impaired or actual loss of consciouness, mind = cloudy
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin H/A, dizzy, vertigo, tinnitus, blurred vision, sensation of ht rushing to head, insomnia w/ dream dis sleep, numbness, twiching spasms in extremities, hemiplegia
San Jia Fu Mai Tang 1. spasms, loss of consci, quivering fingers, fevers palms, soles, 2. dizzi, vertigo, tinn, dry thraot, palp, bld sx
Er Chen Tang coughing w/ copious white spu easily expector, focal dist, stif sens in chest and dia, palp, nausea, vomiting, dizziness
Wen Dan Tang dizzy, vertigo, nause, vomiting, insomnia, palp, anxiety, intdeterminate gnawing hunger, seizures acc by copious spu, focal disten in chest, bitter taste in mouth, sl thirst
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan coughing of yellow, viscous spu (diff to expectorate), focal dsit and feeling fullness in chest, diaph, nausea
Created by: brendancarney