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Managing Teams

5 Key Characteristics of a Team Teams must exist to achieve a shared goal. Members are interdependent regarding some common goal. Teams are bounded and stable over time. Members have the authority to manage their own work and internal processes. Teams operate in a social system cont
3 Essential Conditions Knowledge and Skills Motivation and Effort Communication and Coordination
3 Phases of a Project Discovery Invention Implementation
Self Managing or Self Regulating Team A manager or leader determines the overall purpose or goal of the team, but the team is at liberty to manage the methods by which it achieves those goals.
Manager Led Team The manager acts as the team leader and is responsible for defining goals, methods and functioning of the team.
Self Governing Team The team is responsible for executing a task, managing their own processes, designing the group, and designing the organizational context.
Self Directing or Self Designing Team The team determines it's own objectives and the methods by which to achieve them.
Companies that use teams are more effective than those that do not. False
Managers know the causes of team failure. False
Managers do not understand their team building responsibilities. True
Experimenting with failure leads to better teams. True
Name two other teams. Tuple Thunder Accidental Elephants
Team incentives the team hits its project goals and surpasses some of the requirements. Commissions and bonuses complement their base pay.
Recognition and Spot Awards A team member has set an excellent example and is given a gift certificate for dinner for two as a reward.
Profit Sharing The team creates a process improving profits by 40%. They receive a payment based on total profits.
Gain Sharing The team creates a process improving revenues by 40%. They receive a payment based on a percentage of that achieved growth.
3 Phases of Building a Team Tasks, People, Relationships/Processes and Procedures
When applying process to a project you cut significantly down on the work that does not generate any forward progress. When you are working at something that does not provide forward process it is called what? Thrashing
Which is more costly to a project? A major bug caught during the requirements phase or the testing phase? Testing Phase
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