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PBHS Deserts

Covered by solid water; considered a desert because of its lack of precipitation; a continent Antarctica
Largest hot desert; western part is bound to the north by the Atlas Mountains and it is bound by the Sahel to the South; Sahara Desert
Due to rain shadow of the Andes, it is the driest desert in the world; located in Chile; largest source of sodium nitrate Atacama Desert
In South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia; uranium deposits; home to the San Bushmen (clicking language) Kalahari Desert
Asia's largest; China and Mongolia; important role in silk road trading route Gobi Desert
largest in South America; mostly in Argentina; Patagonian Desert
largest in North America; straddles U.S.-Mexican border in Mexico, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona Chihuahuan Desert
2nd largest in South America Atacama Desert
Largest in U.S.; a cool or cold desert; located in the Great Basin Great Basin Desert
3rd largest in No. America; located in Mexico, Arizona, and California Sonoran Desert
2nd largest hot desert in the world Kalahari
largest in Australia Great Victoria Desert
2nd largest in Australia Great Sandy Desert
part of the Arabian desert; its name means "empty quarter" Rub' al-Khali Desert
Between the Great Basin and the Sonoran; contains Death Valley; strongly associated with the Joshua Tree Mojave Desert
Northern Arizona; shared by the Grand Canyon and Petrified National Forest Park; known for colorful banded rock formations Painted Desert
thought to be the oldest desert in the world; home of Welwitschia--known as a living fossil; Namibia and Angola; Namib Desert
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