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Chapter 4 vocab/EDIT

What word refers to technological improvements that do not fundamentally change existing practices? automate
What word means the process of making technology a central feature of teaching and learning in schools? technology integration
What word refers to innovations by teachers that create new patterns of teaching and learning in schools? educational change
What word means the integration of computer, the Internet, and other information technologies into the regular patterns of teaching and learning in K-12 schools? infusion
A word referred to using technology to create and maintain a collection of resources for teaching and learning? technology-based library
What is the term coined by Alan November to indicate when technology is used to create new learning possibilities for students and teachers? infomate
What word means using technology to create books and other materials for students to use in class? technology-based textbook
What word means using technology to create anywhere, anytime opportunities for learning, both in and outside of school? technology-based learning environment
What term refers to using technology to organize and manage the professional work of teachers? technology-based office
What word means using technology to generate new instructional opportunities for teachers and students? technology-based teaching tool
What word means the idea that access to the latest computer technology varies greatly within society with low-income and non-white Americans less likely to be able to afford and use the newest tools? digital inequality
What term refers to placing students with special educational needs in the least restrictive educational environment possible, often in the same classroom as their regular education peers? Inclusion
What word refers to learning the names, functions, and procedures of computer hardware and software? computer literacy
What word refers to the social science approach where technology's impacts on society are considered within the context of larger social, economic, and political realities? social informatics
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