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Patent Herbs - Suppl

Supplement Chapter 13 - Test 3 Patent Herbs NESA

Ling Zhi Feng Wang Jiang general qi and bld tonic,
Ling Zhi Feng Wang Jiang Royal Jelly, PP, long illness, aging, malnutrition, diabe, gastric ulcers, chronic dz, cancer
Shi Chuan Da Bu Wan supplements both qi and bld, debility following surgery, long illness
Shi Chuan Da Bu Wan xs menses blding due to qi xu not contain bld
Tai Pan Tang Yi Pian ess and KD yang tonify, tx debility long illness
Ge Jie Da Bu Wan geriatric form, general tonic, tx rheumatism
Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan HT-SP xu, calms teh spirit
Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan Sp or KD yang, anemia, hypothyroidism, spasms
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan Sp/St disorders, clrs-ht from MB w/ qi xu
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan organ prolapse, diarrhea, DD, yang xu / cold s&s
Shen Ling Bai Zhu Wan SP/ST, elim DAMP, warming w/ out drying, digestion even w/ kids
Gui Pi Wan t. qi, N. bld, T. SP, HT, HT-SP xu syndromes caused by mental
Gui Pi Wan insomnia, poor mem, palp, tiredenes, pale,
Gui Pi Wan GYN prob, irr menses due to bld xu,
Fu Ke Ba Zhen Wan T. Qi N. Bld, gyn disorders w/ qi and bld xu
Fu Ke Ba Zhen Wan fatigue, pale face, irr menses, anemia, hypoglycemia, optic atrophy
Ci Wu Jia Pian T. Qi and Ess; calms spirit, stimulates brain
Ci Wu Jia Pian qi xu, sexual dysfunct, spermatt, impotence, better at tx fatgieu then Ren Shen as single herb
Shen Qi Da Bu Wan T. qi and the SP, tx long illness, bld loss, PP, spon sweat, diabetes
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan T KD, LV, clr-xu type ht
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan yin xu esp of the LV (and KD)
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan H/A, dizziness, tinnitus, lumbar area wk, legs wk, steaming bone, ect
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan improves KD funt, stops abnormal cell growth in esophagus
Ren Shen Lu Rong Wan T. Qi, yang, N. bld, and jing - yin and yang xu
Ren Shen Lu Rong Wan fatigue, weariness, SOB, poor hearing, tinnitus, palp, insomnia, impotencve, GYN
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan LV and KD yin w/ ht
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan dizziness, dry mouth, tinnitus, night sweats, optic neuritis, retinitis, night blindness
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan used to tx LV and KD yin xu, DRYNESS eyes, poor vision
Gui Ling Ji tortoise age conglomerate
Gui Ling Ji KD yang, impotence, spermatt, lumbago w/ cold, amenn (LV, KD yang), LU, KD, SP, HT yang
Ge Jie Bu Shen Wan gecko KD Nourish Pills
Ge Jie Bu Shen Wan KD yang and Jing, LU yin, qi bld, diff breathing, chronic cough w/ phl, KD asthma
Kang Gu Zeng Sheng Pian LV, KD, sinews, bones, promotes bld circulation, reg qi, relieves pain
Kang Gu Zeng Sheng Pian joint pain, cold in limbs, further disk slips
Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan N. Yin, reduces ascend LV yang, hearing, tinnitus, KD yin, poor vision
Zhi Bao San Bian Wan jing, N. bld, t. qi, brain funct, wk patient, SOB, poor meme, premature aging
Created by: brendancarney