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BHB 2012

BHB people 2012

Who built the first clock in the United States after only one look at a pocket watch, and, it kept perfect time for over 40 years Benjamin Banneker
Who was an astronomer and correctly predicted the 1789 solar eclipse Benjamin Banneker
President Washington appointed them to the team to plan the layout for the capital city in Washington D.C. Benjamin Banneker
had a photographic memory Benjamin Banneker
In 1792 they published an almanac that included poems and weather information Benjamin Banneker
When did Benjamin Banneker publish his almanac? 1792
In what year did the solar eclipse occur that Benjamin Banneker predicted? 1789
Who appointed Benjamin Banneker to the team that planned out D.C. President Washington
Elizabeth and Antoine are known to be part of this, the first black family to settle in Kenosha Dodge Family
Antoine was the son of who, accordine to records Henry Dodge
What position did Henry Dodge serve in Wisconsin Our first governor
What did Henry Dodge do with the slaves he brought to WI He freed them soon after bringing them
Fought for the Union Army during the civil War Antoine Dodge
How many children did Antoine Dodge and his wife have? 14
Where did many of the Dodge children work? Simmons Mattress Company
James Martin was their grandson Dodge Family
What war did James Martin fight in? WWII, recognized for his bravery in saving soldiers in France.
Took place in 1839 Amistad Rebellion (1839)
a group of Africans who were being illegally imported to Cuba took control of the Spanish ship Amistad. Amistad Rebellion (1839)
Joseph Cinque led this Amistad Rebellion (1839)
How old was Joseph Cinque? 25
Cinque and other Africans on the ship were tried in Connecticut Amistad Rebellion (1839)
How did Cinque and the other Africans get free? A group of attorneys from the abolishionists movement and President John Quincy Adams successfully argued their case before the US Supreme Court.
called “The Moses of her people” Harriet Tubman
helped to bring over 300 slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
helped slaves escape by traveling from one safe place to another until they reached freedom in the north Harriet Tubman
led their own parents to freedom Harriet Tubman
a safe passage to freedom with stops at “stations” along the way The underground railroad
made 19 rescue trips and was never caught Harriet Tubman
During the Civil War, served the Union Army as a nurse and spy Harriet Tubman
In 1978, the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in their honor Harriet Tubman
In what year was a stamp created in Harriet Tubman's honor? 1978
What was created in Harriet Tubman's honor in 1978? A stamp
What did Harriet Tubman serve as during the Civil war? A nurse for the union army and spy
For how long did Benjamin Banneker's clock keep perfect time? Over 40 years
Where were two “stations” of the Underground Railroad located in Kenosha? In Library Sqaure in the homes of Reverend Ruben Deming and Joseph Quarles
What happened to slaves at a "station" in Kenosha? They took runaway slaves into their homes and smuggled them aboard wheat ships on Lake Michigan bound for Canada
What kind of ships were slaves smuggled on to Canada? Wheat ships
How many Kenosha men were associated with the Liberty Assocation? 75
Name 3 of the men associated with the Liberty Association Deming, Quarles, and John Bullen
What was the Liberty association? an abolitionist organization that cooperated in freeing slaves.
What was the name of the abolitionists group in Kenosha? The Liberty Association
Activist, Writer, public speaker, and publisher of an anti-slavery magazine Frederick Douglas
The name of Frederick Douglas's magazine The North Star
helped convince people that African Americans had the intellectual capacity to become independent citizens Frederick Douglas
. After his freedom from slavery, he became a leader in the abolitionist movement Frederick Douglas
an influential speaker that he convinced Abraham Lincoln to accept black soldiers into the Union Army Frederick Douglas
Who did Frederick Douglas convince to accept black soldiers into the Union Army? Abraham Lincoln
After the Civil War, spoke out for education, land ownership, women’s rights and civil rights for former slaves Frederick Douglas
famous for saying: “Without a struggle there can be no progress.” Frederick Douglas
What was Frederick Douglas famous for saying? “Without a struggle there can be no progress.”
Frederick Douglas spoke out for 4 things after the Civil war. What were they? education, land ownership, women’s rights and civil rights for former slaves
was a very dramatic and effective speaker who traveled across the country giving speeches on slavery and women’s rights Sojourner Truth
changed her name from Isabella Baumfree after she escaped from slavery Sojourner Truth
famous speech “Ain’t I a Woman?”, Sojourner Truth
Gave a speech at the 1851 Women’s Right’s Convention Sojourner Truth
she could not read or write Sojourner Truth
Abraham Lincoln invited them to the White House Sojourner Truth
made civil rights legislation permanent in the US Constitution Fourteenth Amendment (1867)
guaranteed Blacks equal protection under the law Fourteenth Amendment (1867)
After the Civil War, states were required to ratify this in order to become part of the Union (United States) Fourteenth Amendment (1867)
What year was the 14th amendment made? 1867
What was the name of the speech by Sojourner Truth Ain't I a Woman
Who invited Sojourner Truth to the White House? President Abe Lincoln
In 1893 he became the surgeon who did the world’s first successful heart operation Daniel Hale Williams
In what year did Daniel Hale Williams perform the 1st successful heart operation? 1893
opened a hospital in Chicago to provide medical training for black doctors and nurses Daniel Hale Williams
opened over 40 hospitals for black patients since many hospitals only provided help to white patients Daniel Hale Williams
How many hospitals did Daniel Hale Williams open? Over 40
known as “The Black Edison" Granville T. Woods
received over 60 patents for inventions including the telephone transmitter Granville T. Woods
the American Bell Company bought the rights to their invention Granville T. Woods
electric egg incubator Granville T. Woods
the automatic air brake system Granville T. Woods
the “third rail” that made subway systems possible Granville T. Woods
a device for transmitting messages between trains and stations, improving safety and communication Granville T. Woods
developed over 300 products from peanuts George Washington Carver
Name some of the peanut products coffee, butter, adhesives, shampoo, face powder, ink, and vinega
taught southern farmers that growing crops other than cotton could help improve their farmland George Washington Carver
taught at Tuskegee University in Alabama George Washington Carver
offered jobs from Henry Ford and Thomas Edison George Washington Carver
chose to stay at Tuskegee and help improve the lives of black farmers George Washington Carver
Where did George Washington Carver teach? Tuskegee University in Alabama
great composer and pianist Scott Joplin
As a boy in Texas he taught himself to play the piano Scott Joplin
played and composed a style of music known as “ragtime”. Scott Joplin
He wrote 2 operas Scott Joplin
composed over 60 songs including the famous tune, “The Entertainer Scott Joplin
gifted scholar, writer, and advocate of human rights W.E.B. DuBois
considered one of the most influential black leaders of his time W.E.B. DuBois
one of the founders of the NAACP with Ida B. Wells W.E.B. DuBois
What does NAACP stand for? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
In what year was the NAACP founded? 1909
age of twelve Henson became a “cabin boy” on a merchant ship Matthew Henson
sailed around the world Matthew Henson
educated himself, and became a skilled navigator Matthew Henson
traveled to the Arctic Matthew Henson
and lived with the Inuit who taught him how to build sleds and train dogs Matthew Henson
In 1909, he and his colleague Robert Perry traveled with Inuit guides in an attempt to reach the North Pole Matthew Henson
became the first American to reach the North Pole Matthew Henson
promptly placed a flag to mark their accomplishment Matthew Henson
In 1944, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor Matthew Henson
In what year did Matthew Henson get the Congressional Medal of Honor? 1944
What year did Henson and Perry go to the North Pole 1909
part owner of a Memphis newspaper called “Free Speech Ida B. Wells
journalist spoke out against the action of lynching, or hanging, of black men Ida B. Wells
wrote angry articles and even published names of men responsible for the hangings Ida B. Wells
the co-founder of the NAACP in 1909 with W.E.B. DuBois Ida B. Wells
Name of Ida B. Wells's Newspaper Free Speech
while living in St. Louis, discovered that thier hair was beginning to fall out, so they created a mixture that cured the problem Madame C. J. Walker
began selling it door to door Madame C. J. Walker
business grew and expanded to Denver, Colorado Madame C. J. Walker
became famous for their hair care products Madame C. J. Walker
In 1910 she opened a factory in Indianapolis that employed 5,000 black women Madame C. J. Walker
became America’s first black female millionaire Madame C. J. Walker
In what year did Madame C. J. Walker's factory open? 1910
How many black women did Madame C. J. Walker's factory employ? 5,000
How did Madame C. J. Walker first sell her product? door to door
When did the Great Migration occur? 1916-1919
What was the Great Migration? of Blacks from southern states like Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas to northern cities like Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit changed entire communities
What role did WWI play in the Great Migration? World War I created a huge demand for unskilled labor, and so the restrictions that prevented northern industries from hiring Black workers was lifted
How many people migrated during the Great Migration? more than 500,000 people migrated over the 3 years
Name some southern states blacks moved from during the Great Migration Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas
Name some cities blacks moved to during the Great Migration Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago
What was the Harlem Renaissance? after World War I when Black artists created plays, painting, poetry, music and sculpture that celebrated African American life in the United States
What was created during the Harlem Renaissance? Plays, paintings, poetry, music, and sculptures celebration Afr. Am. life in the U.S.
What happened to the Harlem Renaissance? It plummeted after the stock market crash of 1929
What did the works of the Harlem Renaissance reflect? the racial pride and self-confidence of urban Blacks in the North.
This person was a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920’s Langston Hughes
In the years between his first book in 1926 and their death in 1967, he wrote sixteen books of poems, two novels, three collections of short stories, four volumes of fiction, twenty plays, children’s poetry, musicals and operas, three autobiographies. Langston Hughes
When did Langston Hughes publish his first book? 1926
When did Langston Hughes die? 1967
Their work celebrates the ordinary black people - the people they most respected Langston Hughes
"Montage of a Dream Deferred," published in 1951, was one of this person's best-known volumes of poetry Langston Hughes
What is the name of Langston Hughes' best known volumes of poetry? Montage of a Dream Deferred
In what year was Montage of a Dream Deferred published? 1951
In 1960, the NAACP declared this person “Poet Laureate of the Negro Race.” Langston Hughes
What title did the NAACP give Langston Hughes in 1960? “Poet Laureate of the Negro Race.”
In what year was Langston Hughes named “Poet Laureate of the Negro Race"? 1960
How many books of poetry did Langston Hughes write? 16
How many novels did Langston Hughes write? 2
How many collections of short stories did Langston Hughes write? 3
How many volumes of fiction did Langston Hughes write? 4
How many plays did Langston Hughes write? 20
How many autobiographies did Langston Hughes write? 3
What sorts of things did Langston Hughes write? poems, novels, short stories, fiction, plays, children's poetry, musicals, operas, and autobiographies.
- In the 1920’s, 3 prominent black men from Chicago set out to establish a resort community for a growing elite black society. What was this community called? Lake Ivanhoe
When was Lake Ivanhoe set up? in the 1920's
Who purchased an 83-acre site east of Lake Geneva? Jeremiah Brumfield, Frank Anglin, and Bradford Watson
The Lake Ivanhoe resort’s huge pavilion and dance floor were filled on opening night with the songs of what music great? Cab Calloway
How were the streets in Lake Ivanhoe named? for people and events in black history
What events hurt the success of the Lake Ivanhoe community? The 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression of the 30’s
This person was a brilliant inventor Garret Morgan
This person invented the gas mask that helps firefighters work longer in fires Garret Morgan
Who invented something to help people drive safely? Garret Morgan
Their automatic traffic light was patented in 1923 and later sold to General Electric for $40,000 Garret Morgan
In what year was the traffic light patented? 1923
How much did Garret Morgan's traffic light sell for? $40,000
Who bought Garret Morgan's traffic light? General Electric
Who called their music "American Music" rather than jazz, and wrote over 3,000 songs during his lifetime Duke Ellington
Who wrote “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing” and “Take the A train.” Duke Ellington
Their mother surrounded them with dignified people to reinforce good manner and elegance Duke Ellington
Their real name was Edward, his friends nicknamed him because of his grace, style of dress, and self- confidence Duke Ellington
His band, The Washingtonians, played in Harlem’s Cotton Club as well as opera houses in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco Duke Ellington
When asked about their inspiration, who said “My men and my race are the inspiration of my work. I try to catch the character and mood and feeling of my people.” Duke Ellington
What was the name of Duke Ellington's band? The Washingtonians
Where did the Washingtonians play? Harlem’s Cotton Club as well as opera houses in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco
How many songs did Duke Ellington write in his lifetime? over 3,000
was a famous opera singer in the 1930’s Marian Anderson
In 1939 this person was denied the chance to perform at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. because they were black Marian Anderson
owned Constitution Hall The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
75,000 people turned out to see this person sing on Easter Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial Marian Anderson
Who contacted the DAR in protest of Marian Anderson not being able to perform at Constitution Hall? Eleanor Roosevelt
How many people turned out to see Marian Anderson sing at the Lincoln Memorial? 75,000
was the son of a sharecropper and grandson of a slave Jesse Owens
Won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic games Jesse Owens
Upset Hitler when they competed in the Olympic Games Jesse Owens
demonstrated that race and nationality did not make one athletic better than another Jesse Owens
After their Olympic victories, they were part owner of a Negro League Baseball team from Ohio, the Toledo Crawfords Jesse Owens
they often traveled with their team and raced against thoroughbred horses Jesse Owens
In 1940, their team played in Kenosha at the Lakefront Stadium Jesse Owens
raced a 50 yard dash against Frank “Uke” Ulick, a local Harley-Davidson Dealer. Jesse Owens
In what race did Owens beat Uke? 50 yard dash
In what year did the Toledo Crawfords play in Kenosha 1940
What was the name of the team Jesse Owens was part owner of and where were they from? Ohio, Toledo Crawfords
studied the 4 types of human blood and how it could be preserved Charles Richard Drew
discovered and became and expert on collecting, storing, processing and shipping blood plasma Charles Richard Drew
idea of a blood bank came from them Charles Richard Drew
methods helped save the lives of thousands of soldiers during World War II Charles Richard Drew
became the director of the Red Cross blood collection Charles Richard Drew
Name the 4 things Charles Richard Drew discovered and became an expert in collecting, storing, processing, and shipping blood plasma
a sailor on the battleship West Virginia in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 when Japan attacked America Dorie Miller
What happened on Dec. 7, 1941? Japan attacked America
a mess attendant for the US Navy Dorie Miller
ordered to carry wounded sailors to safer locations Dorie Miller
Though untrained, they took over one of their ship’s guns and fired down enemy planes Dorie Miller
awarded the Navy Cross for their extraordinary courage in battle Dorie Miller
This person's image and the slogan, “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” were used in a Navy-recruiting poster Dorie Miller
was portrayed by actor Cuba Gooding Jr. in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor. Dorie Miller
What was Dorie Miller's role in the U.S. Navy? Mess attendant
What award did Dorie Miller win? the Navy cross
What was the slogan on the recruiting poster that featured Dorie Miller? “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”
first black man to play on a Major League Baseball team Jackie Robinson
Before being signed by Branch Ricky to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945, he played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro National League Jackie Robinson
Who did Jackie Robinson play for before joining the Dodgers? The Kansas City Monarchs
often treated badly by players and fans Jackie Robinson
was named Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Jackie Robinson
this person's success and personal strength paved the way for other black Americans Jackie Robinson
is head of Johnson Publishing Company John Johnson
What is Johnson Publishing Company? the largest black-owned publishing company in the world
started “Ebony” magazine in 1945 John Johnson
Started “Jet” in 1951 John Johnson
In what year was Ebony magazine started? 1945
In what year was Jet magazine started? 1951
was a secretary of the Montgomery chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Rosa Parks
was learning about worker’s rights and racial equality when she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama bus Rosa Parks
Why was it such a big deal that Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat? In 1955, it was the law that if there were no seats available on the bus, Blacks had to give up their seats for Whites
In what year did the bus boycott happen? 1955
Their actions sparked a boycott, which lasted just over 1 year (381 days) until the law was changed Rosa Parks
worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and others, and became an international symbol of resistance to racial segregation Rosa Parks
How many medals did Jesse Owens win in 1936 4
What kinds of medals did Jesse Owens win Gold
What events did Jesse Owens win his medals in? Track and Field
Which chapter of the NAACP did Rosa Parks work for? Montgomery Chapter
What was Rosa Parks learning about when she refused to give up her seat? worker's rights and racial equality
What honors were given to Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year, MVP, and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame1
successfully argued Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas in 1954 by making the case the that segregated schooling (separating students by race) was inherently unequal even despite the conditions in their schools Thurgood Marshall
In what year did Brown vs. Board of Education happen? 1954
What was Brown vs. Board of Education? made it so schools were integrated
Where did Brown vs. Board of Education take place? Topeka, Kansas
argued cases in support of desegregation until 1967 Thurgood Marshall
President Lyndon Johnson appointed them as the first African American Supreme Court judge Thurgood Marshall
In what year was Thurgood Marshall appointed to the Supreme Court? 1967
Who appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court? President Lyndon Johnson
was told at the age of 4 that they'd would never walk again Wilma Rudolph
What was Wilma Rudolph told at age 4 She'd never walk again
in 1960 at the Olympics in Rome she won 3 gold medals and the title of world’s fastest woman Wilma Rudolph
When did Wilma Rudolph compete in the Olympics? 1960
Where were the 1960 0lympics held? Rome
Where were the 1936 Olympics held? Germany
set the world record of 22.9 seconds for the 200-meter race Wilma Rudolph
later became a teacher and coach Wilma Rudolph
In what race did Wilma Rudolph set her record? 200-meter race
What was Wilma Rudolphs record time? 22.9 seconds
born Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali
won the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics in Rome for boxing Muhammad Ali
In 1964 they became the heavyweight champion by knocking out rival Sonny Liston Muhammad Ali
In what year did Muhammed Ali become heavyweight champion of the world? 1964
Who did Muhammed Ali beat to become heavyweight champion of the world in 1964? Sonny Liston
In 1967 he refused, on religious grounds, to register to enter the armed forces and fight in Vietnam, and so he lost his title Muhammed Ali
Why did Ali refuse to register to fight in Vietnam religious reasons
Why did Ali lose his title? he refused, on religious grounds, to register to enter the armed forces and fight in Vietnam
later regained their after beating both Joe Fraizer and George Foreman. Muhammed Ali
Who did Muhammed Ali beat to regain his title? Joe Fraizer and George Foreman
lit the Olympic Torch for the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Georgia Muhammed Ali
Sports Illustrated named him “Sportsman of the Century" Muhammed Ali
In what year did Muhammed Ali light the torch for the Summer games? 1996
Where were the 1996 summer games held? Atlanta, Georgia
What title did Sports Illustrated give Muhammed Ali? “Sportsman of the Century"
suffers from Parkinson’s disease and has raised over $45 million for his Parkinson Center Muhammed Ali
How much has Ali raised for his center? over $45 million
What does Muhammed Ali suffer from? Parkinson's
In what year did a federal judge order that Ruby, a six year old, be allowed to enter first grade at Frantz Elementary, an all white school, in New Orleans 1960
How old was Ruby Bridges when she first attended Frantz Elementary? 6
Where did Ruby Bridges go to school? Frantz Elementary
Where was Frantz Elementary New Orleans
Angry mobs tried to prevent them from entering Ruby Bridges
Who sent federal marshals to accompany Ruby Bridges? Pres. Dwight Eisenhower
Who escorted Ruby Bridges to school? federal marshals
their teacher, Mrs. Henry, said this person often prayed for forgiveness for the people who harassed them Ruby Bridges
became a popular poet at a very young age when therr poems began to appear in popular magazines Gwendolyn Brooks
A Chicago native that she received many awards for their writing including Pulitzer Prize, The Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Endowments for the Arts Gwendolyn Brooks
What awards did Gwendolyn Brooks win for her writing? Pulitzer Prize, The Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Endowments for the Arts
was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Gwendolyn Brooks
Were the idea of Charles Cobb Freedom Schools
In what year were Freedom Schools set up? 1963
Why were Freedom Schools set up? Cobb recognized the poor educational opportunities for Black Children within the Mississippi educational system during the civil rights movement
Where were Freedom Schools set up Mississippi
Hundreds of college students from the north went to the south to teach academic subjects, Black culture and leadership development where? At Freedom Schools
inspired the development of Black studies curriculum across the country Freedom Schools (1963)
What was taught at Freedom Schools Black culture, leadership development, and academics
Who taught at Freedom Schools College students from the North
born in Atlanta, Georgia MLK
attended Morehouse College MLK
ordained a Baptist minister MLK
studied the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi MLK
practiced nonviolent action MLK
Where was MLK born? Atlanta, GA
Where did MLK go to school Morehouse College
What type of minister was MLK Baptist
Whose teachings inspired MLK Mahatma Gandhi
On August 28, 1963, they led the famous “March on Washington D.C.” which drew over 250,000 people MLK
When was the March on Washington Aug. 28, 1963
How many people came to the March on Washington? over 250,000
“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” is a line from the famous “I Have a Dream” speech MLK
In 1964, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement MLK
When did MLK get the Nobel Peace Prize 1964
What was awarded to MLK in 1964? The Nobel Peace Prize
President Ronald Reagan signed the national holiday celebrating this person's birthday into law in 1986 MLK
What president made MLK's birthday a National Holiday Ronald Reagan
In what year did MLK's birthday become a National Holiday? 1986
What was the name of MLK's famous speech "I Have a Dream"
How many children did MLK have? 4
the first black actor to win an Oscar award Sidney Poitier
Oscar award for his role in the 1963 film “Lilies of the Field”. Sidney Poitier
What was the name of Sidney Poitier's 1963 Film Lilies of the field
In what year was Lilies of the field made? 1963
What award did Sidney Piotier win? Oscar
is best known for his portrayal of a black doctor who plans to marry a white woman in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” Sydney Poitier
a movie that was the first to deal with such a social situation, starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy Guess who's coming to dinner
Who were Poitier's costars in Guess who's coming to dinner? Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
What was unique about the doctor Sidney Poitier played? He was black and wanted to marry a white woman.
a graduate from Texas Southern University Barbara Jordan
a graduate of Boston University Barbara Jordan
first black female state senator Barbara Jordan
In 1966 she served the state of Texas Barbara Jordan
worked for 12 years as a member of congress Barbara Jordan
How long was Barbara Jordan in congress? 12 years
What state did Barbara Jordan represent? Texas
In what year did Barbara Jordan serve Texas? 1996
left public office to teach at the University of Texas Barbara Jordan
In 1995 this person received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton Barbara Jordan
In what year did Barbara Jordan receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom? 1995
What award was Barbara Jordan given in 1995? The presidential Medal of Freedom
Who awarded Barbara Jordan the Presidential Medal of Freedom? Bill Clinton
a singer, known as the “Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin
also a diva of pop music Aretha Franklin
Well- known for their 1967 hit “Respect” Aretha Franklin
sold millions of albums Aretha Franklin
and won 15 Grammy Awards Aretha Franklin
In 1987, she became the first female performer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Aretha Franklin
How many Grammy awards did Aretha Franklin win? 15
In what year was Aretha Franklin inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame? 1987
What happened to Aretha Franklin in 1987? She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
In 2009 this person sang, “America the Beautiful” at President Obama’s Inauguration Aretha Franklin
Whose inauguration did Aretha Franklin sing at? Pres. Obama's
In what year did Aretha Franklin sing at a Presidential Inauguration? 2009
What song did Aretha Franklin sing at Pres. Obama's Inauguration? America the Beautiful
What was Aretha Franklin's nickname Queen of Soul
What was the name of Aretha Franklin's 1967 hit? Respect
In what year did Aretha Franklin's Respect come out? 1967
What was Granville T. Woods nickname? The Black Edison
Born in Brooklyn, New York Shirley Chisholm
grew up on her grandmother’s farm Shirley Chisholm
became a teacher after college Shirley Chisholm
In 1968, became the first black woman in the US Congress and worked there for 14 years Shirley Chisholm
tried, unsuccessfully, to become president in 1972 losing the Democratic nomination to George McGovern Shirley Chisholm
Where was Shirley Chilsholm born? Brooklyn, NY
How long did Shirley Chisholm work in Congress? 14 years
In what year did Shirley Chisholm join Congress? 1968
What did Shirley Chisholm try to do in 1972? Become President
Who did Shirley Chisholm lost the democratic nomination to? George McGovern
In what year did Shirley Chisholm try to become president? 1972
a well-respected tennis player Arthur Ashe
the first black winner of a major men’s singles championship Arthur Ashe
U.S. Open, in 1968 Arthur Ashe
won both the Davis Cup and Wimbledon singles against the #1 player, Jimmy Connors Arthur Ashe
In what year did Arthur Ashe compete in the U.S. Open? 1968
Who did Arthur Ashe beat for the Davis Cup and Wimbledon singles? Jimmy Connors
Wrote A Hard Road to Glory Arthur Ashe
What is the name of the book Arthur Ashe wrote? A Hard road to glory
What was A Hard Road to Glory about? the history of African Americans in sports.
Gave birth to her son Guy a few weeks after her high school graduation Maya Angelou
As a young single mother, she supported her son by working as a waitress and cook Maya Angelou
Name Maya Angelou's son Guy
talent and passion for music, dance, performance, and poetry would soon take her to great places Maya Angelou
musician, dancer, performer, poet Maya Angelou
is best known for her book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” one in a series of six autobiographies which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences during the Great Depression Maya Angelou
Name of Maya Angelou's book, one of 6 autobiographies "I know why the Caged Bird Sings"
What is discussed in "I know why the Caged Bird Sings" Childhood and early adult experiences during the great depression
active in the Civil Rights Movement and worked with both Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Maya Angelou
Who did Maya Angelous work with in the Civil Rights Movement? Malcolm X and MLK Jr.
outraged as a teenager by the media’s distorted depiction of their neighborhood Nancy Hicks Maynard
began their journalism career while going to college Nancy Hicks Maynard
hired by the New York Time when she was 21 Nancy Hicks Maynard
How old was Nancy Hicks Maynard when she was hired by New York Time? 21
became the first president of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Educationwhich has trained thousands of journalists to accurately and fairly portray all segments of our society Nancy Hicks Maynard
What did the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education do? trained thousands of journalists to accurately and fairly portray all segments of our society
became the first African American astronaut in space Guion Bluford
In 1983 they blasted off into outer space on the space shuttle “Challenger” Guion Bluford
What was special about the Challenger mission? This was the first mission with both a night launch and landing, and it lasted six days
What was the crew of the Challenger's job? crew was launching a weather satellite
Was part of a crew launching a weather satellite Guion Bluford
trained to fly in the Air Force and flew combat missions in Vietnam Guion Bluford
Before retirement, they logged over 688 hours in space Guion Bluford
Guion Bluford logged how many hours in space before retiring? 688
What war did Guion Bluford fly combat missions for the Air Force in? Vietnam
When did "Challenger" launch? 1983
mother told them, “The doors of the world are open to people who can read.” Ben Carson
graduated from Yale University and the University of Michigan Medical School Ben Carson
interest in the brain and in surgery led to a career as a neurosurgeon Ben Carson
dedicated his life to healing children Ben Carson
In 1984 at the age of 33 he became the director of pediatric surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland Ben Carson
became internationally known as the surgeon who successfully separated conjoined twins joined at the head, a surgery that lasted 24 hours Ben Carson
Where did Ben Carson graduate from? Yale University and University of Michigan Medical School
What kind of doctor did Ben Carson become? Neurosurgeon
In what year did Ben Carson become director of pediatric surgery at Johns Hopkins? 1984
How old was Ben Carson when he became director of pediatric surgery at Johns Hopkins? 33
Where is John's Hopkins located? Baltimore, Maryland
How long did Ben Carson's surgery to seperate conjoined twins last? 24 hours
Where were the twin's Ben Carson sepearated joined? at the head
dedicated their life to helping the people of Kenosha Mary Lou Mahone
volunteered many hours working for equal rights and a good quality of life for all children Mary Lou Mahone
As a native Kenoshan, they worked hard for Kenosha’s poor children, improving their education Mary Lou Mahone
was the first African-American PTA president in Kenosha and the first African American to run for the Kenosha Unified School District No. 1 Board of Education. Mary Lou Mahone
original founder of the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha Mary Lou Mahone
died on June 8, 1999 Mary Lou Mahone
When did Mary Lou Mahone die? June 8, 1999
Mary Lou Mahone performed what important firsts? First Afr. Am. to run for KUSD Board, First Afr. Am. PTA Pres.
What did Mary Lou Mahone found in Kenosha? Boys and Girls Club
born in 1956 in Chicago Mae Jemison
the first black woman to travel in space on the space shuttle Endeavor Mae Jemison
Name of the shuttle Mae Jemison traveled on Endeavor
graduated from Stanford University and Cornell University Mae Jemison
joined the NASA space program in 1987 Mae Jemison
In what year did Mae Jemison join NASA? 1987
became an instructor at Dartmouth University in New Hampshire Mae Jemison
Where did Mae Jemison teach? Dartmouth in New Hampshire
When was Mae Jemison born? 1956
Where was Mae Jemison born? Chicago
first black U.S. Secretary of State in 2001 Colin Powell
formerly the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military post in the U.S Colin Powell
This four-star general Colin Powell
played a leading role in the Desert Storm operations in the Persian Gulf Colin Powell
What kind of general was Colin Powell 4 star
When did Colin Powell become U.S. Secretary of State? 2001
What did Colin Powell do before he was the U.S. Secretary of State? He was the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
name comes from musical term, which in Italian means, "with sweetness" Condoleeza Rice
What does con dolcezza mean? With sweetness
began to learn French, music, figure skating and ballet at the age of three Condoleeza Rice
started college at age 15 Condoleeza Rice
received their Ph.D. in political science from the University of Denver when they were 26 Condoleeza Rice
How old was Condoleeza Rice when she started college? 15
How old was Condoleeza Rice when she got her Ph.D. 26
Where did Condoleeza Rice earn her Ph.D. at? University of Denver
In 2005, was sworn in as the US Secretary of State, and became the second African American in this position following Colin Powell Condoleeza Rice
In what year did Condoleeza Rice become US Secretary of State? 2005
In 2001 was appointed to be the National Security Advisor by President George W. Bush Condoleeza Rice
In what year was Condoleeza Rice appointed National Security Advisor 2001
Who appointed Condoleeza Rice National Security Advisor Pres. George W. Bush
After leaving the White House they returned to their work as a professor at Stanford University. Condoleeza Rice
Where is Condoleeza Rice a professor? Stanford
a popular television personality Oprah Winfrey
got her first big break hosting the talk show “AM Chicago” later renamed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1985 Oprah Winfrey
Her intelligence, honesty, and engaging personality attracted a wide audience Oprah Winfrey
What was the original name of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" AM Chicago
In what year was AM Chicago renamed The Oprah Winfrey Show 1985
Projects such as a book club and The Angel Network have been effective in promoting literacy and philanthropy Oprah Winfrey
show ended in 2011 Oprah Winfrey
launched the television station OWN Oprah Winfrey
In what year did OWN launch? 2011
What does OWN stand for Oprah Winfrey Network
first black woman to obtain billionaire status. Oprah Winfrey
44th President of the United States Barack Obama
What number president is Barack Obama? 44th
won his campaign against John McCain in the 2008 election Barack Obama-
Formerly a US Senator for Illinois Barack Obama-
was born in Hawaii Barack Obama-
lived in Indonesia Barack Obama-
graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School Barack Obama-
Where was Barack Obama born? Hawaii
Where did Barack Obama attend college? Columbia University and Haravard Law
what election did Barack Obama win? 2008
In 2009, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples". Barack Obama
What award did Barack Obama win in 2009? Nobel Peace Prize
major issues he is currently facing are the recession and health care reform Barack Obama
Where was Barack Obama a former US senator IL
Who did Barack Obama beat to win the presidency? John McCain
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