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Questionpinyinword 4 wordtranslation
约时间 yuē shí jiān make an appointment make an appointment
李友给常老师打电话。 lǐ yǒu gěi cháng lǎo shī dǎ diàn huà
喂? wèi? hello hello
喂,请问,常老师在吗? ? wèi? qǐng wèn, cháng lǎo shī zài ma hello please may i ask if teacher chang is here hello, please may i ask if teacher chang is here?
我就是。您是哪位? wǒ jiù shì, nín shì nǎ wèi? i am who are you i am, who are you?
老师,您好。我是李友。 lǎo shī, nín hǎo。 wǒ shì lǐ yǒu。 teacher you are good. i am li you teacher you are good. im li you.
李友,有事儿吗? lǐ yǒu, yǒu shì ér ma? li you, have 12 li you, have 12?
老师,今天下午您有时间吗?我想问您几个问题。 lǎo shī, jīn tiān xià wǔ nín yǒu shí jiān ma? wǒ xiǎng teacher do you have time can i ask you some questions teacher, do you have time? can i ask you some questions?
对不起,今天下午我要开会。 duì bù qǐ, jīn tiān xià wǔ wǒ yào kāi huì。 sorry i have a meeting to attend sorry, i have a meeting to attend.
明天呢? míng tiān ne? tomorrow tomorrow
明天上午我有两节课,下午三点要给二年级考试。 míng tiān shàng wǔ wǒ yǒu liǎng jié kè, xià wǔ sān diǎnn yào gěin èr nián jí kǎo shì。 tomorrow mourning i have 2 classes, in the afternoon at 3 o'clock i want to give and to grade an exam tomorrow mourning i have 2 classes, in the afternoon at 3 o'clock i want to give and to grade an exam
您什麼時侯有空兒﹖ nín shén me shí hóu yǒu kōng ér? you what time have space what time do you have space?
明天四点以后有空儿。 míng tiān sì diǎn yǐ hòu yǒu kōng ér。 tomorrow four oclock i have space tomorrow at 4 o'clock i have space.
要是您方便,四点半我到您的办公室去,行吗? yào shì nín fāng biàn, sì diǎn bàn wǒ dào nín de bàn gōng shì qù, xíng ma? if you conveinent 430 i to your office go ok if you are conveinient at 430 i will go to your office ok?
四点半,没问题。我在办公室等你。 sì diǎn bàn, méi wèn tí。 wǒ zài bàn gōng shì děng nǐ。 430 not have question. it at office waiting for you
谢谢您。 xiè xie nín。 thank you thank you
别客气。 bié kè qì。 your welcome your welcome
Created by: blazing j
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