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comparison to show how two things are like analogy
language that appeals to the senses imagery
when the readers know something the characters dont dramatic irony
contrast between the expected ending and the ending that occurs situational irony
character says one thing but means something else verbal irony
speech while other characters are on stage (un inturrupted) monologue
non-human object referred to as a person personification
speech while the character is alone on the stage sililoquy
What does Mercutio say about "blind love"? If love is blind, it cant hit the mark; he isnt looking at reality
In a sentence or two, explain what juliet says about names names wont change the person you are. A rose will smell just as sweet if it were called by a different name.
Explain: "Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied,/ And vice sometime by action dignified by" All things have potential for both help and harm; With the right actions, you can make a wrong thing right. But with the wrong actions, you can make a good thing bad.
What weakness in Romep's character does Friar Laurence point out? How does Romeo defend himself? he comments on his ever-changing heart from Roseline to Juliet; he says that his love for juliet is real, and that friar said to let go of Rose, and he did.
Explain: "Therefore, love moderately; long love doth so"? Go slow so you know the love is real and nothing bad happens.
Describe Romeo. He's easily changable, fickle, can be immature but can get serious when he needs to.
Describe Juliet. She is mature, cares about romeo. When the nurse comes back, she is impatient and worried. Towards the end, she is grown up and more mature
Describe Mercutio. He is immature, but fun loving. He is carefree, but needs to grow up soon.
Describe the nurse. When she is being made fun of, she almosts laughs along with mercutio but then is offended. She pronounces words wrong, which shows she is of the lower class. she complains so she is selfish.
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