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Lesson 3 Vocab swhit

My lesson 3 vocabulary

a graphic or color that appears behind the information in a worksheet background
The side-to-side placement of a cell’s contents horizontal alignment
a movable, resizable graphic used to visually communicate information. SmartArt
Font colors help to make certain cells ______ from the rest of the worksheet distinct
a line along one or more sides of a cell. border
a set of formatting traits that has been given a name cell style
A divider that seperates text. delimiter
The overall design of a full set of characters. Also known as typeface. font
An effect that can be applied to a font, such as bold, italic, or underline. font style
A graphic that may be used in a list, such as a bulleted or numbered list. graphical list
A pre-defined set of formats that can be applied to a range of data. table style
A collection of design elements, graphics, and colors that help items such as documents, presentations, and Web pages maintain a consisten image. theme
The top-to-bottom placement of the contents of a cell. vertical alignment
To visually communicate convey
Created by: aaron.simon