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Aural Rehab Exam 1

How do we test someone's hearing? behavioral (audiometer) and non-behavioral (tymps, acoustic reflex, ABR)
What are the types of hearing loss? Conductive, SNHL, sensory, neural, mixed, retrocochlear
What are the age of onsets? congenital, pre-lingual, peri-lingual, post-lingual, acquired
What are the degrees of HL for hard of hearing? deaf? Deaf? HoH - PTA/SRT less than 80dB; deaf - PTA/SRT greater than 80 dB; Deaf - individual who identifies themselves with the Deaf culture
What is the audiologist's role in AR? dx of HL, tx of HL and balance disorder, and fitting/mapping HA/CI and HAT
What is the SLP's role in AR? Evaluating receptive and expressive lang, comprehension of lang (oral, signed, written), tx of speech and voice disorders
What are the shared roles of audiologists and SLPs in AR? Speech reading training, development of communication strategies, speech perception
What are some psychosocial effects of HL? comm difficulties, self isolation, poor self concept, delay of dev of receptive and expressive lang, lang deficits causing learning problems, reduced academic achievement, may impact vocational choices
What are some effects on vocab for children with HL? Develops more slowly, difficulty with functional words, barrier to incidental learning, more easily learn concrete words rather than abstract words
What are some effects on sentence structure? produce shorter sentences, difficulty understanding and complex sentences, misunderstand verb tenses
What are the effects on sentence production? have difficulty producing sounds they do not have auditory access to, speak loudly or not loud enough, speak in unnatural pitch, poor stress, inflection, rate of speaking
What is the effect on academic achievement? Difficulty in reading and math concepts, difficulty hearing in noise, lag behind peers
What are some effects of HL on personality? Self-doubt, autonomy, identity, trust, sense of "self," ego
What is counseling? The gathering of information through careful listening, the conveying of information, and the making of adjustments in one's strategies based on that knowledge
What are the two types of counseling? Informational counseling and personal adjustment counseling
What do you talk about during informational counseling? Describe the auditory system, explain the audiogram, and describe the benefits of amplification
What do you talk about during personal adjustment counseling? Focus on the adjustment of the person who has the HL, move through the grieving process, assist to ID, understand, and seek solutions for problems related to HL
What are the two approaches to counseling? Client-centered (personal adjustment counseling) and professional centered (informational counseling)
Define pass, refer, and fail. Pass - less likely to have the disorder that you are looking for; Refer/Fail - did not meet the minimum criteria and more testing is needed
Define sensitivity and selectivity. Sensitivity - how good is the test at finding what you are looking for; Selectivity - how good is the test at not finding things you don't want to find
What is the 1-3-6 rule? Screen/re-screen by 1 month, diagnose by 3 months of age, and provide intervention by 6 months of age
How much time do you have to make the recommendation to early intervention once a HL is diagnosed? 2 days
How much time do you have to provide audiologic habilitation after the diagnoses of a HL? 1 month
What is IDEA? Part C? Part B? IFSP? IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Act; Part C - Early intervention (B-3) and it varies b/w states; Part B - transition to school; IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plan
What are options for communication (expressive and receptive)? Receptive - from fully visual to fully auditory; Expressive - From fully sign to fully oral (still rely on gestures with each mode)
Who is primarily responsible for developing a child's language? The parents
What are the appropriate early intervention practices? 1) Services are family centered and culturally/linguistically responsive 2) Services are developmentally supportive and promote child's participation in their natural env. 3) services are comprehensive, coordinated, team based 4) evidence based research
What is the "natural environment?" Practicing in a comfortable setting to give the child the best opportunity to communicate in the harder "natural environments
What is the overall goal of AR? Overall communicative competence and meaningful auditory integration
What is the developmental approach to AR? Ensuring that the child reaches the appropriate developmental milestones IAW the child's developmental age
What is the "hearing age?" the age at which the child first puts on HAs/CIs
What are the domains of AR? 1) auditory skills 2) language 3) speech production - each session should have elements of all of these
What is the auditory skills development/hierarchy? 1) Sound awareness/detection 2) discrimination 3) identification 4) comprehension
How can you help build communication? 1) Talking a lot 2) doing it in quiet 3) closing the gap
How should you perform therapy? In the mode of communication that the child is using
What is the definition of "hearing impairment" under federal law? An impairment in hearing whether permanent or fluctuating, that adversely affects a child's educational performance but that is not included under the definition of deafness in this section
What is the definition of "deafness" under federal law? A hearing impairment that is so severe that the child is impaired in processing linguistic information through hearing, with or without amplification and that adversely affects a child's educational performance
What are the effects of a HI? 1) speech production 2) language development 3) psychosocial development
What is a 504 plan? Law that has no funding but provides accomdations and services to people with an impairment that affects one or more life activities but does not qualify for IDEA
What kind of accommodations can kids have in school? Use of interpreters, direct service delivery, managing the environment, personal adjustment counseling, behavioral expectations, teaching style changes
Why are transitional services important? They are mandated by law (IDEA) and it helps facilitates the transition from high school to the real world, laws, rights, etc. Helps remove some of the barriers they may face.
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