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Unit 4


neglected failed to give proper attention or care to; failed to do
appreciated understood the value of; was grateful for something
risks chances of loss or harm
bluffing trying to fool people with a false show of confidence, courage, or knowledge
misunderstood understood someone incorrectly; got the wrong idea
desperate very bad or hopeless
endured survived or put up with
obedience the willingness to obey, or to carry out orders, wishes, or instructions
cautiously in a careful way
faint not clear or strong, weak
disguised changed the way something or someone looks to hide it or to look like something else
crisscrossed went across, back and forth
wisdom good judgement and intelligence in knowing what is right, good, and true
fade to become gradually weaker, fainter, or dimmer
jealousy a feeling of envy of what a person has or can do
electrical relating to the form of energy carried in wires for use to drive motors or as light or heat
globe earth (as a shape)
fuels substances burned as a source of heat and power, such as coal, wood, or oil
decayed having undergone the process of decomposition; rotted
analyze to study the relationship of parts
diagram a drawing that shows how an item is made and how it works
interpret to explain or tell the meaning of the passage or text
rumbling a heavy, deep, rolling sound
snoring making harsh or noisy sounds while sleeping
unique having no equal; the only one of its kind
dove (v) plunged head first into water
dove (n) a medium sized bird of the pigeon family
massive of great size or extent; large and solid
tangles knotted, twisted, confused masses
politicians people who hold or seek elected offices
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