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drain Fire

14 herbs

Shi Gao (nature) Very cold (coldest herb in cat)
Shi Gao (taste) Sweet, acrid (spicy)
Clears blazing ST heat, toothache, swollen and painful gums Shi Gao
Channel: LU & ST Lu Gen Shi Gao Tian Hua Ren
Treats eczema, burns, ulcerated sores Shi Gao
Applied topically in powdered form after being calcined (Duan) Shi Gao
Han Shui Shi (Taste) Acid, Salty
Han Shui Shi (Channel) HT & ST & KD
Drains fire and expels summer-heat Han Shui Shi
Used for burns and sores Han Shui Shi
Cook > 30 min Shi Gao
Contra: Minute pulse Shi Gao
Contra: Yang deficiency Shi Gao
Contra: Yin deficient w/heat Shi Gao
Dosage: 9-30, >90 Shi Gao
Dosage: 9-30 Han Shui Shi
Contra: Cold from Spleen & Stomach Deficiency Han Shui Shi
Channels: Zhi Mu LUNG & STOMACH & KIDNEY (LSK)
Zhi Mu -Taste- Bitter
Enrich Yin and moisten dryness: for LU/KD Yin Def w/heat Zhi Mu
Generate fluids and clear heat: for oral ulcer and inflammation due to yin deficiency Zhi Mu
Contra: diarrhea due to SP def Zhi Mu
Dosage: 6-12 Zhi Mu
Zhi Zi (Taste) Bitter
Drain damp-heat, jaundice, painful urinary dysfunction Zhi Zi
Cool blood and stop bleeding Zhi Zi
Reduce swelling and move blood stag due to trauma (use topically) Zhi Zi
Contra: loose stool or loss of appetite due to def cold Zhi Zi
Crush before cooking Zhi Zi
Dosage: 3-12 Zhi Zi
Sweet & Bland Dan Zhu Ye
Eliminates irritability (2) Dan Zhu Ye & Zhi Zi
Caution: Pregnancy Dan Zhu Ye
Promotes urination Dan Zhu Ye / Lu Gen / Xi Gua (DanLuXi)
Dosage: 6-9 Dan Zhu Ye
*Do not use in pts who have loss of appetite or loose stools Zhi Zi
Has function to generate more fluids Lu Gen (gen-erate)
Clears LU & ST heat Lu Gen
Encourages rash to surface Lu Gen
Caution: SP/ST deficient cold Lu Gen
Sweet! (2) Luo Gen, Xi Gua
Bitter, slightly sweet Tian Hua Fen
Relieves toxicity and expels pus Tian Hua Fen
Contra: Pregnancy, diarrhea due to SP/ST def COLD Tian Hua Fen Zhi Mu
Dosage: 9-15 Tian Hua Fen
Used in pt's w/out fever Tian Hua Fen
Zhi Zi - channel LU, ST, HT, LV, SJ (LS-H-LS)
Good for jaundice Xi Gua
Xi Gua - channel ST, UB, HT (SUH)
Contra: Excessive damp-cold from def in MJ Xi Gua
Xi Gua dosage 15-30/1 cup fresh juice
Lu Gen dosage 15-30. >60 when used alone
Brightens the eyes Xia Ku Cao
Taste: Xia Ku Cao Bitter, acrid -BAD!
Dissipates nodules Xia Ku Cao
Treats hypertension due to LV fire Xia Ku Cao Qing Xiang Zi
Caution: SP/ST def Xia Ku Cao
Xia Ku Cao -dosage- 9-15, >30 if used alone
Promotes Urination Dan Zhu Ye Lu Gen Xi Gua
Moistens intestines Jue Ming Zi
Expel jaundice Xi Gua Zhi Zi
Do not use in yang def pt Shi Gao
Drains heart fire Lian Zi Xin
Created by: Denana