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BPMN notes

what is an event? - something that happens during hte course of a business process - a circle - start event - thin lined circle - intermediate event = double lined circle - end event = bold lined circle
what is an activity? - work that the company performs - rounded-corner rectangle
what are the types of activities? - task and sub-process
how can you identify a sub-process activity? - rounded-corner rectangle with a plus in it (bottom center)
what is a gateway? - it' sused to control the divergence and convergence of sequency flow - determines traditional decisions, as well as the forking, merging and joining of paths - diamond shape - processing continues on a direction depending on True or False
what is a sequence flow connecting object? - shows the order (the sequence) that the activities will be performed in a process - solid line with solid arrowhead
what is a Message Flow connecting object? - shows teh flow of messages between two separate process participants (business entities or business roles) that send and receive them these participants will appear in separate pools) - dashed line with an open (empty) arrowhead
what is an Association connecting object? - used to associate data, text and other artifacts with flow objects - show the inputs and outputs of activities - represented by a dotted line with a line arrowhead
what is a pool? - represents a participant in a process - partitions a set of activities from other pools
what is a lane? - a sub-partition within a pool - will extend the entire length of hte pool, either verically or horizontally - lanes are used to organize and categorize activities, especially those activites associated with a specific company function or role
what is important to know about pools and lanes and processes and sequence flows? - activities within separate poolsa re considered self-contained processes -> the sequence flow many not cross the boundary of a pool -> only message flow is the means of communication btw participants btw two pools or objects within the pools
what is important to know about pools and lanes and message flow? -> only message flow is the means of communication btw participants btw two pools or objects within the pools - message flow may not be used between flow objects in lanes of the same pool
what is a "data object" artifact? - shows how data is required or produced by activities - connected to activities through association lines (dotted line with an arrowhead)
what is a "group" artifact? - rounded corner rectangle drawn with a dashed line - can be used for documentation or analysis purposes but does not affect the sequence flow
what is an "annotation" artifact? - a mechanism to provide additional text info for hte reader of a SPMN diagram
what is a collaborative (public) B2B process? - depicts the interactions btw 2 or more business entities - don't take the view of any particular participant - defines the interactions that are visible to the public for each participant - internal process shows more detail; this just interactions
what is an internal business process? - focuses on the POV of a single business organization - shows interactions with external particpants, but defines the activites that are not generally visible to the public - internal business process is in one pool (though can have many swimlanes)
what's the difference between a sub-process and a task? - task -> an atomic activity that can't be broken down to a smaller unit - sub-process -> a compound activity that is defined as a flow of other BPMN elements -
Created by: yolumei
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