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Midsummer Night's Dr

Acts Four and Five Vocabulary

amiable lovable
peck one quarter of a bushel (8 quarts)
provender food; provisions
dotage infatuation
coronet a garland or wreath
swain a young man living in the country; a bumpkin
vexation aggravation; turmoil
visage face or facial expression
amity friendship and goodwill
forester an official responsible for the forest land
vaward (vanguard) the first or leading part of a group
discord disharmony; cacophony
expound explain
paragon a model; a perfect example
paramour an adulterous lover
pumps men’s shoes, often decorated with ribbons
pare to trim
seething boiling; frenzied
eunuch a castrated or undeveloped man (consequently having a high singing voice)
concord a state of harmony or agreement
government control; rule; authority
mantle a cloak
twain two
sinister left
pat precisely
dam mother
discretion consideration; judgment
videlicet as follows
imbrue to drench, especially with blood
epilogue a speech recited to the audience at the conclusion of a play
palpable capable of being touched or felt; obvious; evident
gross crude
fortnight two weeks
ditty a simple song
hare-lip a congenital cleft in the center of the upper lip
prodigious impressive in extent, quantity, or force
chamber a room in the house, especially a bedroom
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