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CSC-211 Final Test


Definite Loop You know exactly how many times you want to perform a particular task.
Indefinite Loop You do not know in advance how many times you want to perform a particular task.
Fencepost Loop We print "n" numbers, but only need n-1 commas. Add a statement outside the loop to place the initial post.
While Loop Repeatedly executes it's body as long as the logical test is true.
Until Valid Data Loops Repeatedly prompts the user for input until valid data is entered.
Sentinel Loops repeats until a sentinel value is seen. (enter -1 to quit) --> -1=sentinel value
Priming Reed Setting a variable to a value before a while loop/sentinel loop.
Pseudorandom Numbers Numbers that mimic the properties of numbers chosen at random, though they are actually derived from a mathematical expression.
Random class Random name = new Random();
Do/While Loops Performs its test at the end of each repetition; do {statement;} while (test);
Creating File Objects To allow access to a file; File name = new File("filename");
To Read Files via Scanner File name1 = new File("filename"); Scanner name2 = new Scanner(name1); OR Scanner name2 = new Scanner(new File("filename"));
Exception An object representing a runtime error. FileNotFound= file doesn't exist in the program. InputMismatch= read wrong type of token. NoSuchElement= read past the end of file input.
Reading Files scannername.next();
PrintStream An object in the java.io package that lets you print output to a destination (file). PrintStream = new PrintStream(newFile("filename")); DO NOT use the same file for output and reading.
Created by: jamiechristian11