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Ed admin

second half of semester

tort A civil wrong for which a court may award damages.
most common tort negligence
ADM Average Daily membership, first week in Oct.
continuing contract requirements professional license, pass praxis, 2 yrs. experience
What does the state contribution depend on? 1. Number of students 2. district wealth 3. cost of an adequate education
In Ohio, what is the cost of an adequate education? 5,400 per student
Who finances public schools? give percentages Federal gov't 6% - State 46% - local 46% avg.
What are the requirements to receive money from the School Foundation Program 1. meet required number of days in school 2. schools must pay teachers at least the minimum teacher salary
termination requires 1. immorality 2. willful and persistent violation of reasonable school regulations 3. gross inefficeincy 4. good and just cause
How many school days are required in OH? 182 minimum 175 min.
compulsary attendance ages 6-18
permissable attendance ages 3-21
Expulsion You can expel someone up to 24 hrs immediately. More than that requires due process.
2 aspects of due process substantive - procedural
What are the procedures for expulsion? 1. forewarn (code of conduct) 2. inform child of charge 3. hold a hearing/investigation 4. tell action being taken 5. notify parent within 24 hrs. parents can appeal andhave council
defenses against negligence 1. contributory negligence 2. assumption of risk 3. comparative negligence 4. gov't immunity
contributory negligence If it is shown that the student's own negligence contributed to the injury
assumption of risk knowingly and willingly exposes themselves to risk
comparative negligence allows for porportionate recovery for injury dependent on amt. of negligence she contributed
gov't immunity law extends certain immunity to teachers and administrators in the scope and performance of their duties.
4 things must be present for a tort 1. duty- failed to act or not to act in a manner that a reasonable person would have 2. standard of care lacking 3. proximate cause- cation or non-action was directly related to the injury 4. must be an injuty
formula for how much the state will give the schools # of students x 5,400 x 1.07 (cost of living difference) = z z-assessed valuation of district x 23 mill = M Z-M=$
What is the largest factor in determining how much the state will contribute? assessed valuation of the districts property (wealth of district)
non-renewal of a teacher requires 2 evaluations and 4 observations, written notice by April 30
What determines curriculum? the learner (what they are able to learn) the society (what the gov't wants them to learn) the knowledge (what we know- existing knowledge
Dr. Ralph Tyler's 4 questions relative to curriculum 1. purpose of school (mission statement)? 2. What ed. experiences can be provided that will attain this purpose? 3. How can these ed. exp. be effectively organized? 4. How can we determine whether these principles are being attained (eval)?
proximate cause There must be a connection between the action of school personnel and the resultant injury.
Pierce vs. Society of Sisters Allows children to fulfill compulsary attendance laws outside of public schools.
New Jersey vs. T.L.O. legal to search under reasonable suspicion
DeRolph vs. Ohio Ohio's method of funding public schools is unconstitutional - said funding should be centralized on state level
Kuhlmeier vs. Hazelwood the school newspaper cannot be considered a forum for public expression and can be censored
Rodriguez vs. San Antonio Education is the power of the state not the federal gov't
Priest vs. Cerano State funding formula was produced to help the great disparity of funding among California's school district
Brown v. Board of ed. in Topeka Separate but equal has no place, "all students of legal age must be provided w/ app. school and classroom placement."
Tinker vs. Des Moise protected freedom of expression in schools, as long as it doesn't disrupt work and discipline (arm band case)
Goss vs. Lopez students do not lose their rights when they come into the classroom. Can be suspended up to 24 hrs. w/out due process
define curriculum a developed plan of studies set for a specifie grade. Encompasses subjects matter and specials.
Madeline Hunter Created an method for direct instructions and lesson plan writing.
Ned Flanders interaction analysis scale - democratic classrooms achieve more
clinical supervision 1. pre-observation conference 2. observation 3. analyze what was observed 4. post observation conference
Charlotte Danielson author of Framework for Teaching from her book OH developed a rubric for evaluating teachers
Ralph Tyler wrote a syllabus on curriculum -- 4 quest. relative to curriculum
clinical supervision 1. preobservation conference 2. observation 3. evaluate/analyze the obs. 4. conference and discuss outcome
human resources 6 aspects planning, recruiting, selecting, prof. development, performance appraisal, compensation
collective bargaining bargains for wages, hours, conditions, terms of employment
bargaining unit collection of POSITIONS that have common interests (teachers, librarians and counselors would be a unit)
agent do the bargaining, teachers give up their rights to bargain
good faith bargaining both sides must be willing to come to an agreement, the must be willing to meet at reasonable times and places
SERB State Employee Relations Board It oversees all collective bargaining
NEA National education Association
OEA Ohio Education Association affiliated with NEA
AFT American Federation of Teachers
Quid Pro Quo this for that (bargaining)
impasse requires 1. mediation or 2. arbitration
grievance an alledged violation, misapplication, misinterpretation of bargaining agreement (contract)
What did the collective bargaining law establish? unfair labor practices
unfair labor laws might be deals with boards, deals with management, failure of union to represent everyone in the bargaining unit, made strikes legal
termination breaking contract before the term expires
4 domains of pathwise I. planning and preparation II. classroom Environment III. Instruction IV. Professional Responsibilities
Praxis II exit test required for licensure
Praxis III third party evaluation by the state required for the professional license.
1st amendment freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to assemble peacefully
5th ammendment be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process
14th amendment equal protection law, used in desegregating the U.S. (Brown case)
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