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Test 1 RX1020 Review

Drugs that are derived from natural sources are known as what? Natural drugs
Drugs that are produced in the laboratory and are not naturally occurring are known as what? Synthetic drugs
A naturally occurring substance that has been chemically altered is known as what typw of drug? Semi-synthetic
A drug that is made in a laboratory to imitate a drug that is naturally occurring is known as what? Synthesized
Drugs that are synthetic and produced by means of recombinant DNA or Mabs are known as what? Monochional antibodies
A set of names: way of naming is known as what? nomenclature
The registered name of a drug; also known as the proprietary name? Trade or brand name
The extremely lengthy name of the drug that is difficult to remember or pronounce is known as what? Chemical name
The shorter names used to identify a drug's active ingredient; also referred to as the nonproprietary name? generic name
The actual form of the drug is known as what? dosage form
What are the two primary dosage preparations? liquid and solid
The most widely available dosage form is what? solid
Name 3 of the disadvantages of solid medications? 1. difficult for patient to swallow 2. not for patients what are unconscious/breathing tubes. 3. medication can be destroyed by the digestion process.
The other ingredients, besides the active drug, in a drug form are known as what? inactive or inert
What is the purpose of a film coating on a tablet? make tabley easy to swallow
What is the purpose of an enteric coating on a tablet? stop tablet from being dissolved by the gastric acids in the stomach
List and explain the 5 types of tablets? NOT swallowed 1. CHEWABLE-not take whole used for pediatrics and elderly. chew it2. EFFERVESCENT-dissolves in liquid before administered. 3.SUBLINGUAL-under tonguw,4.BUCCAL cheek & gum5.VAGINAL-absorb mucous lining of vaginal.
A solid medication form in which the ingredients of a drug are contained within a shell is known as what? capsules
What are most capsule shells made out of? gelatin
The fluid medium of a liquid medication is called what? vehicle
Containing oil; having oil like properties? give vocab word Oleginous
Containing what? Give the vocab word Aqueous-contains water
List 3 disadvantages of liquid medications. 1. shorter life than other doses 2. some have a bad taste3. harder for patients to measured.
Medication that is completely dissolved and evenly distributed in a homogenous mixture is known as what? solutions
Define Homogenous having all the same qualities in a group
Define Viscous thick almost jelly-like
What is the agent used to mix oil and water elements in an emulsion? emulsifying agent
Liquid dosage form where very fine solid particles are mixed into a liquid vehicle is lnown as what? suspentions
What are the differences between ointments,creams, & lotions? OINTMENT apply to skin(mucus membrane)lubricate skin,protect sking,w/wo med.CREAMS-lighter than otmnts.apply easy-cool,dry,protect skinw/womed.LOTIONS-moisturizes skin.....
Define Anhydrous without water
Define Hydrophobic repels water
How a drug is introduced into or on the body is known as what? ROA Route of Administration
Main category of administration routes where the medication passes through the GI system is known as what? Enteral
Most common ROA is what? oral by mouth
What is another name for the transdermal route of administration? percutaneous
The shallowest injectable ROA; into the top layer of skin is known as what? Intradermal
The injectable ROA where the medication os injected into the fatty tissue immediately under the skin is known as what? subcutaneous SC/SQ
The injectable ROA administered directly into the vein is known as what? intravenous IV
Define Otic ROA medication administered to the ear
The study of the biochemical and physiologic effects of a drug is known as what? Pharmacodynamics
Molecular structures located on the surface of the cell that binds with a particular chemical or chemicals are known as what? receptors
Describe how drugs and receptor sites interact like a lock and key
The location where a drug will exert its effect is known as what? site of action
How a drug works and produces its effects is known as whaat? mechanism of action
A drug that binds to receptor sites and causes some action to occur is known as what? agonist
A drug that binds to receptor sites and prevents other chemicals or drugs from affecting the cell is known as what? antagonist
A general term referring to a large number of cells on what a particular drug is intended to act is what? target cell
Patient response that is directly related to the amount of the drug administered in known as what? dose response curve
What happens if the maximal response is attained and more of the same drug is given have no effect
The area where therapeutic effect can be achieved without toxicity is known as what? margin of safety
The amount of circulating drug that causes toxicity is known as what? toxic concentration
The measurement of the strength of a drug that is required to produce a specific effect on the body is known as what? potency
The time required for plasma serum concentration levels of an absorbed and distributed drug to decrease by one-half is known as what? biological half-life
Half life is only applicable to what types of drugs? drug that goes thru liver as well as GI tract
How is half-life written T1/2
An interaction that occurs between 2 or more drugs administered at the same time is known as what? drug-drug
AN interaction between an administered drug and food(s) consumed at the same time is known as what? drug-food
A drug interaction that results when 2 drugs administered together produce effects that are greater than would be produced if either drug were administered alone is known as what? synergistic effects
A drug interaction that results when 1 drug,or good, increases the effects of another drug yet does not produce any effect when administered alone is known as what? potentiation
A drug interaction that causes decreased drug effects is known as what? antagonism
The study of the time course of a drug and its metabolites in the body following drug administration is known as what? pharmacokinetics
The process by which a drug is moved from the site of administration into the bloodstream is known as what? absorption
Oral medications are normally absorbed through which organism? small intestines
The process by which an absorbed drig is moved from the bloodstream to body tissues or receptors is known as what? distribution
What type of diffusion has molecules moving from an area with a high concentration to an area of low concentration? passive diffusion
What type of diffusion uses a carrier protein to allow molecules to pass through parts of a cell? carrier protein
The process where the cell actually grabs or engulfs the outside substance is referred to as what? pinocytosis
What is the degree to which a drug becomes available to body tissues after administration known as? bioavailability
The ability of the stomach to allow passage of materials to the small intestines is known as what? gastric emptying time
The ability of a material to dissolve in a given medium is known as what? solubility
Lipid soluable drugs dissolve in the presence of what? fats (lipids)
Water soluable drugs dissolve in the presence of what? water
The process of transforming drugs in the body is known as what? metabolism
Where are most drugs metabolized liver
Any substance that is produced by the metabolic process is known as what? metabolite
The process by which drugs are eliminated from the body is known as what? excretion
The time it takes for a drug to be eliminated from the body is known as what? clearance
Most medications are excreted as that substance? urine
Most medications go through which organ for excretion? kidneys
Drugs that become active once metabolized are known as what? prodrugs
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