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Material & Process

Dimpling bents the sheet mechanicly being joint to accomodate the river head
AN470 replaces almost all other head designs
AN430 use on aircrafts build before 1955
AN455 use on internal structures and applications requiring high head strengh
1100 aluminum (A) this rivet lacks suficient strengh for structural applications
2117 aluminum (AD) most used for manufacturing and maintenance modern aircrafts, don't requiere heat treatment also known as field rivets
5056 aluminum (B) for magnesium structures
2017 aluminum (D) modified to 2017 alloy call crack free rivet
AN airforce Navy
MS military standard
NAS national aerospace standard
SAE society american engeniers
SOLID CRACK RIVETS unlike other type fasteners rivets change in dimention to fit the size of the hole
RIVET CODES rivets are given codes for their size, head, and alloy material. Two system AN and MS20
AN 470 AD 4 5 airforce navy, universal head, 2117T4 alloy, diameter 1/32, lenght 1/16
how do i measure AN470 rivet from the bottom of the head to the end of the shank
how do i measure AN426 rivet from the top of the head to the end of the shank
COUNTERSINK a process in wich metal in the top sheet is cut away in the shape of the rivet head
CRACK FREE RIVET a new version of 2017 (D) rivet for jet engines with a minumun shear stregh of 34ksi
AMERICAN NACIONAL SERIES have more threads per inche
AMERICAN STANDARD UNIFIED SERIES have less threads per inche
COARSE OR FINE THREADS assigned by class to fit from 1 to 5
CLASS 1 (loose) you can turn a nut all the way down with fingers like wing nuts
CLASS 2 (free) need a wrench all the way down
CLASS 3 (medium)need a wrench all the way down
CLASS 4 (close) need a wrench all the way down
CLASS 5 (tight)need a wrench all the way down
AIRCRAFT NUTS are fine thread w/ class 3 whereas screws are tipically a class 2 or 3 fit
STANDARD AIRCRAFT NUTS this are identified by diameter and lenght
AIRCRAFT BOLT MATERIALS cadmiun plated-nickel steel-corrosion resistan steel-2024 alluminun alloy
AIRCRAFT BOLTS unless specify this are made of cadium plated nicke steel, corrosion resistan is identify by the letter c between the diameter and the lenght and 2024 alluminum alloy a DD between the diameter and the lenght
ALLUMINUM ALLOY AND STEEL BOLTS SMALLER THAN AN3 FAA forbids the use of this in structural components
A LETTER A AT THE END OF THE LENGHT OF A BOLT this means there is no hole in the shank
CLOSE TOLERANCE BOLTS designated as an173 to an186 ground tolerance of +0.000 - 0.0005 inch
CLEVIS BOLT an21 to an36 a domed head that is tipically slotted to accept a screwdriver the nut on most clevis bolts are safetied with a cotter pin.
IF NOTHING IS SPECIFY it is a good practice to use awasher between the head of the nut and the nut to protect the material.
AN310 AIRCRAFT CASTLE NUT identify by the letter D example an310d-6 2017 alluminum alloy
AN320 SHEAR CASTLE NUT use only for shear loads on clevis bolts
AN315 PLAIN NUT plain nut has no castallations a lock washer must be used, used for either tensil or shear loads.
AN350 WING NUT it is use for frequenly removed parts with out tools example an350-616 where 6 is for 3/8 nut and 6/16 inch bolt class 2 (free)
SELF LOCKING NUTS two types fiber or nylon and metal
LOW TEMPERATURE SELFT LOCKING NUT AN365 class 3 (medium) nylon locknut never to be use in temperatures more than 250f if more than 3 threads expose (FAIL)
METAL SELF LOCKING NUT for applications where the temp is more than 250f AN363
MACHINE SCREWS widely use structural same strengh as bolts self-taping to join light materials
PLAIN WASHERS AN960 provide smooth surface between the nut and the material
LOCK WASHERS when no convinient to use self locking nuts
SPECIAL WASHER keyed washer use as a sefety device, small keys to engage slots cut in to bolts
Created by: cvega_00
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