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IT Proj. Mgmt

IT Project Management: On Track from Start to Finish Third Edition Chapter 1

What is a project? A temporary endeavor to create a unique product or service.
What is the Performing Organization? The organization that completes the project work.
What is the Project Management Life Cycle? The framework that all projects share. It's universal to all projects in the world.
What does the Project Management Life Cycle describe? The evolution of project process groups that will move a project from initiation to project closure.
What are the 5 Process Groups of the Project Management Life Cycle? Initiating the Project, Planning the Project, Executing the Project, Monitoring and Controlling the Project, & Closing the Project.
What is a Project Life Cycle? It describes the unique phases of a project that's specific to the discipline and nature of the project. Ex: You would not have the same phases in a construction project that you'll experience in a software development project.
What is Project Initiation? It is the official Launch of the project.
What is Project Initiation based on? It is based on identified business needs that justify the expense, risk, and allotment of resources for the project to exist.
What is Project Initiation responsible for? It is responsible for creating the project charter and identifying the project stakeholders.
What is the Project Charter? It is the official document that authorizes the project manager and the project to exist within the organization.
What are the Project Stakeholders? They are all of the people and organizations that are affected by the existence of the project and the project's outcome. Ex: the project manager is a stakeholder.
What is Project Planning and how is it important? It is an iterative project process group that communicates the intent of the project manager. It is important because it allows you, the project team, and many of your stakeholders where your project is going and how you plan on getting there.
What does Project Planning show? It shows which processes will be used in the project, how the project work will be executed, how you'll control the project work, and finally, how you'll close down phases and the project at its end.
What does Project Planning require? Time, resources, and often a budget for testing, experimenting, and learning.
What is the Project Management Plan? The primary result of the planning process. This document is actually a collection of smaller plans that address different areas of the project.
Give some examples of what the planning processes help the Project Manager create.
Created by: frappey