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Glossary - Beauty1

Beauty Level 1 Glossary of terms

Cross-infection The transfer of contagious micro-organisms
Data Protection Act Legislation designed to protect client privacy and confidentiality
Envirionmental conditions The surroundings in which the treatment will be performed.
Eye-brow shaping treatment Removal of brow hair to maintain or create a new shape.
eye lash perming treatment The use of chemical lotions to permanently curl the lash hair.
Eye treatment Treatment applied to the eye area to enhance the appearance of the eye.
eyelash and eyebrow treatment The permanent colouring of the lashes and or brow hair using a specialist dye to enhance their appearance
facial A treatment applied to the skin of the face.
False lash treatment Threads of artificial hair attached to the natural lashes to make them appear thicker and longer
hygiene Recommended standard of cleanliness necessary in the salon to prevent cross infection.
Make up treatment The application of make up cosmetics to enhance the skin and facial features.
Manicure A treatment to improve the appearance of the hands, nails and skin.
Pedicure A treatment to improve the appearance of the feet, nails and skin
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
Record card Personal information recored to each client.
Sanitisation The destruction of some but not all micro-organisms
Sterilisation The destruction of all micro- organisms
Waxing The use of wax to remove hairs temporarily from the face and body.
Created by: Julia Garner