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The Odyssey part one

Who is the author of The Odyssey? Homeer
What is an epic? A long narrative poem that tells of the adventures of heroes who in some way embody the values of their civilizations
3000 years ago people who lived in Greece were telling stories about the Trojan war, who gathered these oral stories and told them as a unified epic? Homer
What did Homer call the unified epics? The Iliad, The Odyssey
What was the setting of The Odyssey? 1200 B.C. in the area from the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmora and the Black Sea
Which story was recorded first? The Iliad
What was the cause of the Trojan war? Sexual Jealousy
What was the scene of sexual jealousy? Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris, prince of Troy, wanted her. She was married to Menelaus. Paris gets help from a goddess and seduces Helen, and they run away to troy.
What is the Iliad mostly about? The Trojan War stories
What is the Odyssey mainly about? Odysseus, a Greek solider, trying to get home, but keeps getting sidetracked
Iliad is the ___ epic; Odyssey is the ___ epic. war; journey
Who is the hero of the Iliad? Achilles
Who is the hero of the Odyssey? Odysseus
What kind of hero was Odysseus? A hero in trouble
What were heroes like to the Greeks? Between mortals and gods, they were confident, able, brave -- on top of the world
Why can we relate to Odysseus? Since he is in trouble. We, like him, are lost ina world of difficult choice.
What is the tone of the Odyssey/ Melancholy and disillusionment
Where is Odysseus's home? Ithaca
Who is Odysseus's wife? Penelope
Who is Odysseus's son? Telemachus
How does Odysseus try to avoid going to war? Pretends to be crazy; dresses as a peasant, plows a field, and throws out salt to kill things
Who comes to get Odysseus for war? Agamemnon and Menelaus
How do Agamemnon and Menelaus (the Greek Kings) get Odysseus to show everyone he is sane? They throw Odysseus's son, Telemachus in front of the plow; Odysseus stops plowing, thus showing everyone he is sane.
How does Odysseus react once he is at war> He is a great solider and commander
What trick did Odysseus think of? How doe sit work? The Trojan Horse trick. There was a hollow horse that held a few soldiers in the belly. The Greeks left the horse and sailed off. The Trojans though the Greeks have given up, and they take the horse in asa trophy. Soldiers come out and open the gates.
What has happened to to Penelope and Telemachus during Odysseus's dissapearance? There are lots of mean filled at their house trying to gain Penelope's wealth adn rob Telemachus of his inheritance
What are the levels of Odysseus's search? On one level, he is searching fo rhis home. On another level, he is searching for inner peace.
What are the two quests in the Odyssey? Telemachus for his father and Odysseus for home and peace
What are myths? Stories that use fantasy to express ideas about life that cannot be expressed easily in realistic terms
Who is Odysseus's protector? A goddess named Athena
What is Athena the goddess of? Wisdom
What is an alter ego? A reflection of a hero's best and worst qualities
Who is the enemy? Poseidon
Why do some scholars believe Homer was a woman? There was an important signifigance on women and family in the book
What is the best reason to believe Homer was actually the author? The ancient Greeks themselves said so
What is a rhapsody? Singer of tales
Who were the Achacans/Argives? The Greeks
What was the home of Circe, the witch-goddess? Acaca
Who was the King of Phacacia? Alcinous
Who is the king to whom Odysseus is telling his story? Alcinous
Who is the beautiful goddess nymph who keeps Odysseus on her island for 7 years? Calypso
Who is the female sea monster who sucks in water 3 time s day to form a deadly whirlpool? Charybdis
Who are the Cicones? The people who live on the SW coast of Thrace who battle with Odysseus and his men
Who is Circe? The witch-goddess who turns Odysseus's men into swine
What is the Cyclops? The one-eyed monster who are a race of brutes that live solitaru live as shepards, supposedly on Sicily
What is the dark area of the underworld where the dead reside? Erebus
Who is Eurylochus? One of Odysseus's loyal creq
Who are the Lotus Eaters? People who feed Odysseus's men with lotus plants make the forget Ithaca
What is Phaeacia? An island kingdom ruled by King Alcinous
What is the trade of the Phaecians? Ship builders and traders
Who is Polyphemus? Cyclops blinded by Odysseus; son of Poseidon
Who is Scylla? Female monster with six serpent heads, each head having a triple row of fangs
What are the Sirens? Sea nymphs whose beautiful and mysterious music lures sailors to steer their ships towards the rocks
Who is Teiresias? Famous blind prophet from the city of Thebes
Where does Odysseus meet Teiresias? In the Land of the Dead
What in Thrinakia? Island where Helios keeps his cattle
Who is Helios? The sun god
Who is Antinous? One of Penelope's leading suiotrs
Who is Eumacus? Servant
Who is Odysseus's old nurse? Eurycleia
Who is Eurymachus? A suitor of Penelope
Who is Odyseus's mother? Anticlea
Who is the old companion of Odysseus whom falls off the roof? Elpenor
Who is Odysseus's friend who disguises herself as him in her meeting with Telemachus? Mentes
Who is Philotus? Cowherd, Odysseus's loyal servant
Which god is Apollo? god of poetry, music, prophecy, medicine, archery
which god is Athena? goddess of wisdom, the arts of war and peace
who is Zeus's favorite daughter? Athena
Who did Athena support during the Trojan war? Greeks
Which god is Cronus? Titan (giant) god who ruled the universe until Zeus overthrew him
which god is hephaestus? god of metalworking
What is Poseidon's nickame? Earth Shaker
What is Poseidon's relation to Zeus? Brother
What is "in the middle of things" in medias res
what are homeric or heroic similes? extended comparisons that compare heroic or epic event sto simple and easily understandable everyday events
what were the iliad and the odyssey written in? dactylic hexameter
What story starts part one? Calypso, the sweet nymth
what gave the gods immortality? nectar and ambrosia
When Odysseus leaves Calypso's, Poseidon wrecks him; where does he end up? Scheria
Where is Odysseus a guest at? King Alcinous's court
What are the rules of Greek hospitality? All guests were god sent, could not ask questions until they had been rested clothed and fed
Who does Odysseus tell King Alcinous he is? Laertes's son, Odysseus from Ithaca
Who is Odysseus found by? the daughter of Alcinous
What happens when people eat the Lotus plants? they lose their will
Who is Polyphemus? The Son of Poseidon; cyclops
What is the set of contrast in the cyclops? cunning intelligence and violent might
what is the word for cunning intelligence? metis
what is the world for violent might? bia
what are the two conflicts? odysseus against varieous monsters and bad guys; and poseidon and athena
What are the 3 breeches of Xenia? Seduction of Helen by Paris; Cyclops Polyphemus does not treat Odysseus acording to the rules of Xenia; suitors treatment of their host and they try to marry penelope
Where does Odysseus go after Polyphemus? Acolia, the kingdom of Aclolus, the wind king
What does Aeolus give Odysseus? A bag of winds that keep blowing Odysseus away from Ithaca
What are Laestrygonians? Gigantic Cannibals
What is the advice that Teiresias gives Odysseus? 1. Don't raid the cattle of Helios, the sun god. 2. When you are home, you are going to find a serious mess. Kill the suitors. 3. After you kill the suitors, make a specific sacrifice to Poseidon.
What is the problem with Odysseus's mother, Anticlea? Odysseus doesn't not she is dead
What three dangers is he told to avoid? sirens, syclla and charybdis,
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