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french words

Voici Here is
Voila There is
C'est It's, that's
Il y a there is, there are
un peu a little
habiter to live
jouer to play
je jou i play, i am playing, i do play
la rue street
ca fait combien? how much is that?
ou where
qui who
ca s'ecrit comment? how do you spell that
un cahier workbook
un oiseau bird
un surligneur highlighter
un feutre markers
mere mother
soeur sister
fille daughter
femme wife
grand-mère grandmother
petit-fille grandduaghter
cousine cousin-female
tante aunty
oncle uncle
cousin cousin-male
fils son
petit-fils grandson
grand-père grandfather
mari husband
frere brother
pere father
faim hungry
manger to eat
soif thirsty
le petit-dejeuner breakfast
le dejeuner lunch
le gouter snack
diner dinner
l'entree entree/appetizer
la soupe/le potage soup
plat principal main course
la salade salad
le dessert dessert
poisson fish
pain bread
fromage cheese
puree mashed potatoes
l'orangina french fanta
jambon ham
crepe crepe
chocolat chocolate
frais strawberries
banane banana
Created by: Chezza