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Study- khushbu

Egypt test

How were people affected by religion? They offered food, gifts, and prayers. They were mummified and buried with their possessions. Each town had it's own god and temple.
Who united upper and lower Egypt? King Minos
What happened in the old kingdom? Built pyramids and at the end it became old and divided.
What happened in the Middle Kingdom? Money spent on public works and order was restored and trade was increased.
What happened in the new kingdom? there was a focus on expanding the empire and money was spent on wars.
Social class pyramid Pharaohs, viziers, nobles and priests, scribes and soldiers, craftsmen, and farmers.
Why did the people mummify? To preserve the body and lead them into afterlife.
How did we learn to read hieroglyphs? The Rosetta stone we translated it from Greek.
Why was the Nile River important to people in Egypt. They couldn't have settled in Egypt without the Nile because it provided them food, transportation, trade, and farmland.
What body part did they not remove when mummifying, and why? The heart because they believed that it would get weighed in their afterlife to see if they were good and bad.
delta a triangular plain at the mouth of a river formed when sediment is deposited by flowing water
silt a fine soil found on river bottoms
papyrus an early form of paper made from a reedlike plant found in the marshy areas of the Nile delta
pharaoh a king of Ancient Eygpt
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
regent someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
afterlife life after death
mummy a dead body preserved in a lifelike condition
pyramid a huge building with four sloping triangle shaped sides built as a royal tomb in Egypt
Giza an ancient Egyptian city the site of the Great pyramid
astronomer a scientist who studies the stars and other objects in the sky
Great Sphinx statue is completed 2533 B.C.
calendar a chart to keep track of time. People also used it to record when the next flood was and when to harvest.
hieroglyphs pictures and symbols that stand fro ideas, things, and sounds.
Di scribe how they would remove the brain of the person when mummifying? They would remove it by pulling it out from the nose.
How did geography affect people? They used mud and straw mix to make their houses. The farming community was delta and valley regions. The desert was used for protection and shielded the people from invaders. The nile was the longest river in the world. It's 400 miles long.
What is the Rosetta Stone? The key to decoding hieroglyphics. It had a story in 3 different languages on it.
absolute power Complete control over someone or something
cataract a large waterfall or steep rapids
What shape was the social class system formed in? it was the shape of a pyramid
Created by: dorawalak