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What does represent? There are two answers for this. Internal IP address of Freedom's router.
What is another term used to identify the IP address The Default Gateway.
Where is Freedom's router located? At the Middle School?
How many switches are there in this classroom? Eight
How many access points are currently in the building? 39
Access Point A wireless server.
What does DHCP do? Automatically assigns a random IP address to a device?
What is a static IP? One that stays the same and does not change?
Where is one place that you can purchase a domain name? www.GoDaddy.com
What is Bluetooth? Its own wireless technology that uses short wavelength radio transmissions.
What is Wi-Fi? Network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data
What kind of cable is made of glass? Fiber Optic
What is always the 3rd stop when we do a TracerT from the school? Why? The BVIU because they purchased the fiber optic system for the district.
If the Internet is not down, but you are still having trouble accessing the network to print, how to do ensure that your computer is "talking" to the printer? PING the printer's IP address.
What does a straight-thru cable connect? Unlike devices.
What does a crossover cable connect? Like devices.
What is the color scheme of a straight-thru cable? White Green Green White Orange Blue White Blue Orange White Brown Brown
Where is the cross-over cable used in this classroom? To connect the switches together.
Where is the straight-thru cable used in this classroom? On the tables from the switch to your computer.
I am setting up a new router at your house. Should I password protect it? Why or why not? Yes because when it is security-enabled people will not be able to steal your information.
Give me 3 places that have free Wi-Fi that we discussed in class. McDonald's, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble
What does ISP stand for? Give an example of an ISP. Internet Service Provider. Comcast, Verizon
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