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Shoulder pathologies

Orthopedic Pathologies of the shoulder

Differential DiagnosisSigns and Symptoms
Tendonitis overuse injury, inflammation of a tendon, dull/chronic P!, weakness, sensitive to palpation, passive stretching discomfort through ROM
Shoulder Pointer most common on tip of shoulder or AC jt, a contusion w/out ligament injury
Blockers Spur repeated blows to the deltiod, bone spurs formation
Biceps strain swelling, pt tenderness in the bicepital groove, loss ROM, may have discoloration
Inferior GH Sprain from forced add/internal rotation, radiating P to top shoulder, head humerus in axilla, flattened delt, prominent coracoid/acromion process, pt tender
Impingement Syndrome affects rotator cuff, overuse injury, swelling, P! while sleeping, shoulder feels weak, bursitis as a result of pinching in acromion, pt tenderness
Tenosynovitis inflammation of the sheath surrounds the tendons, dificult ROM, P and pt tenderness around jt, swelling, stiffness
AC Sprain results FOOSH, pain, crepitus, visual deformity, +O'Briens, AC sheer, Sulcus, need to r/o impingement
Glenohumeral Anterior Sprain arm forced into abd/ext rotation, direct blow, P/decreased ROM, pt tenderness, relief with reduction, may have numbness/tingling
Posterior GH Sprain rare, caused by forced abd, may cause the arm to be above head and unable to bring in down
Glenohumeral subluxation incomplete dislocation, dead arm syndrome, pt tenderness, weakness, crepitus, + apprehension/relocation tests/impingement test, flattened shoulder, stabbing P, mm guarding, poor ROM, swelling
SC sprain posterior very severe, FOOSH injury, direct trauma, pt tenderness, swelling, deformity, ant/med clavicular promerence, loss function/ROM, P with breathing
Labrum Tears: Bankart usually w/ subluxation/dislocation, clicking/popping, P with any GH ROM, + clunk test, avulsion/damage to the ant lip of labrum from humerus slided forward ant. dislocation
Labrum Tears: SLAP lesion clicking/popping, P with any GH ROM, + clunk test, sup labrum-ant to post, disrupting the longhead of biceps tendon attachment
Hill-Sachs deformity associated with GH dislocations, repetitive impact, P, pt tenderness, swelling
Scapula Fx very rare, swelling, pt tenderness, avulsion coracoid process, direct trauma, discoloration
Humeral head Fx violet direct trauma, FOOSH, may resemble dislocation, P, pt tender, deformity, swelling, supporting arm, mm spasm, deceased ROM, may have compromised circ/neuro
Clavical Fx 80% mid-shaft, direct trauma/FOOSH, P, pt tender, crepitus, deformity, swelling, bruising, +percussion/sheer, loss ROM
Multidirectional instability "looseness" of shoulder w/ multiple directions, P, imflammation, irritation
Brachial Plexus injury lat flex of head, numbness/burning, P in neck/shoulder, parethesia, mm weakness, swelling, loss circulation/neuro/sensation/ROM
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome compression brachial plexus, cold sensitivity, palor appearance, distal swelling, numbness/tingling, Neuro problems, aching P in neck/shoulder/down arm
Adhesive Capsulitis "Frozen Shoulder" inflammation about rotator cuff/capsular area, P!, loss ROM, idiopathic
Subacromial Bursitis direct trauma, swelling, pt tenderness, localized heat, P around area, usually accompanied by other injuries
Created by: ATskg
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