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haney sprt med c6

the foot has _ bones 26
the foot has _ joints 38
the most commonly injured major joints injured in athletics is.. talocrural joint(ankle joint)
tibialis anterior.. dorsiflexes foot, inverst and adducts foot
tibilais posterior.. plantar flexes foot, inverst and adducts foot, supports arch
extensor hallucis longus.. extends great toe, dorsiflexes foot
extensor digitorum longus.. extends toes, dorsifleses foot, everts foot
gastrocnemius.. plantar flexes foot, flexes lower leg
soleus.. plantar flexes foot
what are the two tests for bony integrity? heel tap test and the squeeze tests
what are the four tests for ligamentour stability? anterior drawer test, inversion or lateral stress test, eversion or medical stress test,and external rotation test.
what are the three tests for muscle function and flexibility? thompson test, gastrocnemius tightness test, and soleus tightness test.
true or false. a person should see a physician if they have a gross deformity True
true or false. a person shouldnt see a physician if they are feeling significant pain. False
what occurs on any part of the body where friction exists? blisters
blisters are most often found on the.. feet
first degree sprain.. one or more of the supporting ligaments and surrounding tissures are streched
seconds degree sprain.. a portion of one or more ligaments is torn
third degree sprain.. one or more liggaments have been completely torn, resulting in joint instability.
before returning to competition, the following rehabilitation guidelines must be met.. full range or motion, strenght, no pain during running, jumping or agility movements
What are the causes of foot arch sprains? overuse, overweight, fatigue,training on hard surfaces, wearing non-supportive, worn shoes.
What is the first aide treatment for arch sprains? cold, compression, elevation
Why is the great toe very important? For balance, movement, and speed
What is the name given to a sprain of the first metatarsophalangeal joint? turf toe
Turf toe is an acute sprain; what are the first aide steps to care for it? protection, rest ice, compression, elevation and support.
Medial Tibia Stress Syndrome is the medical term for what? Shin splints.
What is the cause of shin splints? muscle weakness/imbalance, lack of proper conditioning,improper/incomplete warm-up,poor flexibility, running on hard surfaces, improper running form or habits, improper/worn running shoes, poor support for anatomical structures.
What is the preffered treatment for shin splints? Cryotherapy, lower leg stretches, foot support, and medical refferal.
What is the plantar fasciitis? a wide, non elastic ligamentous tissue that extends from the anterior portion of the calcaneus tot he heads of the metatarsals
What is the arch that the plantar fasciitis supports? longitudinal arch
What is the most commom cause of plantar fasciitis? chronic irritation
What can plantar fasciitis lead to if left untreated? bone imbalance, heel spurs, muscle strains, shin splints
What part of the foot recieves, absorbs, and transfers the impact from sports activities? The heel
1st degree sprain one or more of the supporting ligaments and surrounding tissues are stretched
2nd degree sprain the potion of one or more ligaments is torn
heel bruise bruiseing of the heel
Who should you report to if Anterior Compartment Syndrome is suspected? The physician
True or False? the achilles tendon is the strongest in the body True
True and False?The achilles tendon is well protected and is hard to injure False
What is a bony growth on the calcaneus that causes painful inflammation of the accompsnying soft tissue and is aggravated by exercise? heel spur
What will happen without arterial circulation? muscle cells will become necrotic and die
This tendon is sometimes strained when the ankle is sprained? achilles tendon
Created by: mhtgroup
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