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Musical theater

falsettos william finn 1990's DRAMA "Baseball Game" "everyone hates his parents" Whizzer, Trina, Mendel
shrek Tesori, Lindsay-abaire 2000's COMEDY "I know it's today" "When words fail" Shrek, Farquad, donkey
Ragtime Flaherty, Ahrens 1990's EPIC "Ragtime" "Your Daddy's Son" Sarah, Coalhouse jr., Emma Goldman
Drowsy chperone Lambert, Morrison 2000's COMEDY "I am Aldolpho" Aldolpho, Feldzieg, Janet Vandegraff
Hair Ragni, Rado, McDermot 1960's ROCK OPERA "Let the sunshine in" "Hair" Claude, Berger, Woof
Full Monty David Yazbek 2000's COMEDY "Big ass rock" Malcolm, Horse, Jerry, Dave
Assassins Stephen Sondhiem 1990's "How I saved Roosevelt" John Wilkes Booth, frome
YAGMCB Clark Gesner, Andrew Lippa 1970's COMEDY "Suppertime" "Schroeder" Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy
[title of show] Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell 2000's "2 nobodies in NY", "The untitled opening number" Jeff, Hunter, Heidi, Susan
Jesus Christ Superstar Tim Rice, Lloyd Webber 1970's ROCK OPERA "Heaven on his mind" "I dont know how to love him" Jesus, Mary, Judas, Herod
Songs for a new world JRB 1990's REVUE "I'm not afraid of anything"
How to succeed in buisness without really trying Frank Loesser 1960's MUSICAL COMEDY "A secretary is not a toy" "Brotherhood of man" J.Peirpont Finch, Twimble, J.B. Bigley
Chess Rice, ABBA 1980's COMPLICATED Molokov, Svetlana, Freddy, Anotoly
Sunday in the park with George Sondheim 1980's "It's hot up here" "colors and light" Dot, George, Jules
Lucky stiff Flaherty, Ahrens 1990's FARCE "Speaking French" Harry Witherspoon, Anabel, Rita, Vinney
Wicked Stephen Schwartz 2000's DRAMA "Defying Gravity" "No good deed" Elphaba, Galinda, Fiyero
The who's "Tommy" McAnuff, Townshend 1990's CONCEPT ALBUM "Cousin Kevin" Captain, Tommy, Kevin, Uncle Earnie
Producers Mel Brooks 2000's COMEDY "King Of Broadway" "Der guten tag hop clop" Ulla, Mr. Beallistock
Jacque Brel... Brel, Shuman, Bleau 1970's REVUE "Alone", "1000 time waltz", "Port of norway"
Lion King Rice, Elton John 1990's "Shadowlands" Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Mufasa, Scar
Blood Brothers Willy Rusell 1990's MELODRAMA "Shoes on the table" Micky, Eddie, Lia
Women on the verge... David Yazbek 2000's COMEDY "Model Behavior" Candela, Pepa, Ivan
West Side Story Bernstein, Sondheim 1950's TRAGEDY "Tonight", "A man like that", "officer Krumpkee" Maria, Tony, Anita, Bernado, Chino
Tick Tick Boom Larson 1990's
Little night music Sondheim 1970's Anne, Freidrik, Henrik
13 JRB 2000's COMEDY? "13" "Most boring place in the world" Patrice, Lucy, Kelly
Wedding Singer Sklar, Beguelin 2000's COMEDY "It's not like that" Julia, Glenn, Robby Hart
Music Man Merideth Wilson 1950's MUSICAL COMEDY "Trouble" "76 trombones" Marian, Harold Hill, Charlie cowell
Les Miserables Boubil, Schonberg 1980's EPIC "One Day more" "On my own" "confrontation" Eponine, Javert, Jean Valjean, Cosette, Marius
Created by: Kaileev