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Glossary 5

Enlish Vocabulary

Contrast or opposition between two things. ANTITHESIS
The direct opposite. ANTITHESIS
The direct political control of one country or society by another and refers first of all to historical episodes, like the long history of British rule in India. COLONIALISM
Someone who takes part in a dispute or challenge. CONTESTANT
“Historically, the Orient has challenged or rivaled the West in cultural terms” (E.Said). CULTURAL CONTESTANT
An instance of language or utterance that involves the speaker/writer-subject and listener/reader-object. Foucault argued that discourse colludes with power. DISCOURSE
To confirm, to declare support or approval of. ENDORSE
A critical approach to literature which challenges the universality of white discourse and standards. ETHNIC STUDIES
A person or thing that enhances the qualities of another by contrast FOIL
Represents one of the West´s most deep-rooted and persistent images of the Other IMAGINARY ORIENT
Is a form of discourse supported by institutions, language, academic study, principles, bureaucracy and a certain way of doing things (style). MATERIAL ORIENT
An academic meaning through its doctrines and theses about the Orient and the Oriental (E. Said). ORIENTALISM
The corporate institution or Western Style for controlling and shaping the Orient (Said). ORIENTALISM
The distinction between the Orient and the Occident, East and West (E. Said). ORIENTALISM
The ensemble of western, usually though not exclusively European discourses and other forms of representation of non-western cultures (E. Said). ORIENTALISM
Term that names the quality or state of existence of being other or different from established norms and social groups. OTHER/OTHERNESS
The distinction that one makes between one’s self and others, particularly in terms of sexual, ethnic and relational senses of difference. OTHER/OTHERNESS
Centers on the conflicts and contradictions, as well as the advantages and sense of liberation, that accompany life as an individual in a postcolonial state. POST-COLONIAL LITERATURE
A critical practice which stresses and examines cultural difference and diversity in literature. POST-COLONIALISM
A critical practice that refutes the claim that mainstream Western literature is somehow universal and stress its limited perspective and blindness to cultural and ethnic specifities. POST-COLONIAL CRITICISM
A critical practice that examines the representation of other cultures in literature as a way of achieving this end. POST-COLONIAL CRITICISM
A critical practice that looks therefore at how other cultures are represented in literature. POST-COLONIAL CRITICISM
(n.) Substitute. SURROGATE
Overcome, defeat. TO GET THE BETTER OF
(adj. from v. to vaunt) To boast, to brag (synonyms: boastful, swaggering). VAUNTED
The desire and need of the West to use the African continent to emphasize its own state of grace. WESTERN DESIRE AND NEED
The desire in Western psychology to set Africa up as a foil to Europe. WESTERN DESIRE AND NEED
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