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Formulas - difficulty breathing

Wind Cold Ma Huang Tang Jia Wie
Wind Cold w/sweat Gui Zhi Tang
Wind Heat Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang
Turbid Phlegm - descend Lung qi, transform phlegm, warm San Zi Yang Qin Tang
Turbid Phlegm - spleen xu symptoms, descend Lung qi, transform phlegm, warm Er Cheng Tang
Turbid Phlegm - focal distention and a stifling sensation in the chest and abdomen, fixed pain in the hypochondria, belching, vomiting, acid reflux, mild coughing with copious sputum, reduced appetite, indigestion Yue Ju Wan
Turbid Phlegm - promotes movement of rebellious qi downward - epigastric and abdominal distention and pain, or wandering pain Wu Mo Yin Zi
Lung Xu Sheng Mai Yin
Lung Xu w/ Spleen Xu Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Kidney Xu Shen Ge San + Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
Kindey Xu w/ cold phlegm Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
Kidney Xu w/ Kidney Yang Xu Zhen Wu Tang
Kidney Xu w/ Yang Collapse Shen Fu Tang
Created by: srbaboujian