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Kd Channel, Kyo

Kd 1 Grounds a person, Jing well, wood
Kd 2 deficiency heat, Ying Spring, fire
Kd 3 Low back problems, shu stream, earth, Kd Yin Xu, Yang Xu or Qi Xu
Kd 4 general fear, Kd' s are not grasping Qi, Luo connection
Kd5 Xi Cleft
Kd6 Kid Yin Xu
Kd7 promotes food metabolism, jing River metal
Kd8 Uterine bleeding or menstruation problems, Xi Cleft of Yin Qiao mai, blood stagnation
Kd9 Beautiful baby pt, Xi cleft of Yin Wei Mai
Kd10 Horary Pt, damp heat, He Sea, water
Kd12 caution, deep needling might penetrate full UB, Astringes the essence
Kd13 caution deep needling might penetrate UB,
Kd14 treats 4 fullnesses, qi water, blood, food stgn
UB23, UB52 Back shu of the Kd, outer back shu
Kd25 reserve of shen
Kd 24 nourishes Ling of the heart spirit
KD23 Spirit's Identity
KD27 Drains Lymph w/ St 12
Tonification Point of the Kd KD7
Reduction/Child point
Clears damp and damp heat in lower jiao, benefits the KD, activates the channel and alleviates pain KD10
Helps dispel masses in the lower jiao, regulates chong and ren vessels, benefits menstruation, treats acute conditions KD5
regulates ren and chong, adjusts menstruation, stops uterine bleeding, clears heat and drains damp from lower jiao, removes masses from abdomen KD8
Xi cleft of Yin Qiao mai KD8
Regulates the Qi harmonozes the stomach, lowers rebellion, and alleviates cough and wheezing KD19
Benefits the lower jiao, regulates qi and moves bld stasis, regualtes the water passages and promotes urination KD14
Clears Xu heat, regulates, the kidney, regulates the lower jiao KD2
nourishes the Kid Yin and clears Xu heat, tonifies Kd Yang and anchors QI and benefits the LU, strengthens the lumbar spine KD3
regulates ren and chong, regulates lower jiao, treats masses in lower jiao, running piglet syndrome KD13
Clears the heart and transforms phlegm, dispels negative karma, and genetic disorders in fetus, regualtes qi and alleviates pain KD9
Regulates qi alleviates pain, regulates and warms intestines, regulates heart/kid balance, helps bring Wei Qi to interior KD16
unbinds chest, lowers rebellious LU and ST qi, nourishes the spirit KD25
nourishes KD yin, clears Xu heat, benefits the throat, helps treat insomnia, regulates the yin qiao mai, calms the spirit, regulates lower jiao KD6
tonifies the KD and astringes essence KD12
loss of consciousness from windstroke, grounds energy helps KD grasp the QI KD1
benefits the KD, regulates water passages, treats edema, regualtes sweating, drains damp and clears damp heat, strengthens the lumbar region KD7
fortifies sp, harmonizes ST and lowers rebellion, spreads liver qi and benefits the chest and breasts, alleviates pain KD21
unbinds the chest, lowers rebellious lung and stomach qi, benefits the breasts, resurrects the spirit KD24
reinforces the KD, anchors the qi and benefits the LU, strengthens the will and disperses fear KD4
unbinds the chest, lowers rebellius LU and ST qi, benefits the breasts, helps a person find their spiritual identity KD23
regulates the lower jiao and alleviates pain, regulates qi and moves blood stasis, harmonizes the stomach KD18
unbinds the chest, transforms phlegm and alleviates cough and wheezing, harmonizes the stomach and lowers rebellious qi, helps drain Lymph from neck KD27
Meeting point of KD and Chong mai KD11
Cautions for KD11, KD14, KD21, KD22, KD23 may penetrate bladder, peritoneal cavity, liver and peritoneal cav, liver or lu pneumothorax, LU/pneumothorax
Created by: Crstnr